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NieuweTijd LIVE - Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra

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NieuweTijd LIVE - Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra

In the fourth livestream, Niels talks with Rients Hofstra about an alternative polity.

Rients has been the writer of several books for years in which he talks about an alternative polity.

The new media increasingly asks him to write for De Andere Krant, De OPN Krant & CommonSenseTV. In the NieuweTijd livestream, Rients explains what his motive is to be so actively involved with this subject.

On his website Rients talks about a Plush Revolution and writes the following:

'I have never been a member of a political party, but I always vote. Therefore have every right to speak. Been frustrated many times by political scheming, party political interests and those of career politicians. Social abuses, elite formation and a discarded underclass have become commonplace, without structural work being done on more humane solutions for the latter group.

More than 400.000 children are still growing up below the poverty line while the economy is flourishing. From those frustrations thoughts were formulated that led to 5 books. Five books in which, among other things, the alternative polity has been developed. A state system in which expertise is a requirement, democracy is raised to a much higher level and transparency is maximized. It is neutral, so neither left nor right. Above all, referendums have been built in that cannot be abolished by any politician '.

Watch and listen to an interesting conversation between Rients Hofstra and Niels Lunsing:

Books by Rients Hofstra:

Alternative State System:


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