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NewTime LIVE - From the system

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NewTime LIVE - From the system

We consciously or unconsciously live in all kinds of systems that offer us possibilities or, on the contrary, impose restrictions.

Think of the political system or a family system that we participate in on a daily basis but that we have not asked for.

Is it also possible to leave the system?

Merlyn van Dobben stopped working partly due to a burn-out and was therefore left on the sidelines for a while.

Or as he said it himself in the live stream: 'from the dug-out' looks at the new society that is being formed.

Right now, Merlyn is waiting for the mostly dormant crowd who could potentially be his audience for podcasts about spirituality in the future.

In De NieuweTijd Live we talk about his burnout experience and his view of society in recent times. What is it like to stop participating in society?

In the live stream, Merlyn talks candidly about his struggle with his negative thoughts that have forced him to search for answers within himself.

This brought him to awareness and spirituality that he is still actively involved in.

Yet Merlyn is not sitting completely still. He presents De Interdimensionele Tolkshow weekly on his YouTube channel. On his channel we read the following description: Merlyn van Dobben translates spiritual and unconventional concepts into common people language.

In the near future he would therefore like to participate in society again, but not at all costs of course!

Merlyn has a YouTube channel:

He is also active on Twitter:

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