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NewTime LIVE - Radiation sensitivity

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NewTime LIVE - Radiation sensitivity

In the third livestream (14/5/2021), Niels Lunsing spoke with teacher and relationship therapist Sylvia Slegers about the impact of radiation on flora and fauna.

In addition to her personal experiences with radiation sensitivity, Sylvia has studied the many studies that have been done on radiation in recent years. In the live stream, she gives a short presentation citing an Australian study that clearly shows the effects of radiation.

Sylvia has also set up an action group: '5G, Het Gooi says No!'.

There are now about 60 groups active in the Netherlands that are committed to discussing radiation sensitivity. At the end of this year Sylvia will publish a book on radiation with regard to flora and fauna.

With the book 'Towards a bright future' Sylvia attempts to open people's eyes to an ubiquitous part of our daily life that poses a serious threat to the health of people, animals and nature.

Sylvia will soon also be featured on the YouTube channel Café Weltschmerz where she will once again share her story.

Sylvia can be reached by mail via:


The second speaker in the livestream updates us about orgonite. Bart Vroklage makes and sells orgonite. In the live stream, he explains what orgonite is and how it counteracts radiation. Bart has recently become closely involved with the website Transition Web. Earlier this week I posted an article by Dr. Dirk Verelst in which four effective steps are explained to combat radiation.

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