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Andrea Haberl (AfD): “Report sick. Stop working. This system must fail! ”

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"This vaccine is absolutely life-threatening"

Last week, German politician Andrea Haberl of the AfD (Alternativen für Deutschland) shocked the world with a sound recording she posted on her Telegram channel.

She said that all these dictatorial corona measures have nothing to do with corona. Andrea herself is in politics and sees with her own eyes how this system will destroy our lives and drastically change our society.

In the message she explained, among other things:

"It is only about one goal, to implement the plan."

This refers to The Great Reset, Build Back Better. Agenda 2030. Call it as they call it themselves. We know what they want.

Andrea also opened a book about Angela Merkel:

“All our rights. She can now disable everything. And I am telling you very clearly now: It has never been about corona. ”

“This woman has all the power and everyone in her pocket. She can put everything out of action and we have a second 1933. ”

"The whole thing is already planned in 2019 where Merkel met at the Bilderberg conference."


She added:

"And I can tell you again, don't get vaccinated!"

“This vaccination only serves one purpose. That humanity, the world's population, is reduced. That's true. This vaccine is absolutely life-threatening. ”, according to Haberl.

“I have seen it in black and white myself. I know what I'm talking about. ”

Listen to Andrea Haberl (subtitled) here:

We were surprised how much attention her words received. In Germany, but now also in the Netherlands. It is already one of the most viewed articles for CommonSenseTV since the inception of this channel.

Andrea herself was also (pleasantly) surprised. She has been inundated with positive response and is determined to keep going down this path. People are clearly waking up.

Andrea immediately took the opportunity to rectify the fact that she was not fired from the AfD. "There are simply people who like to spread false rumors.", is her response to this.

"The people within the AfD are very nice people."

And Andrea continues: “I fight with the people. With the people on the street. Side by side. We can set something in motion. ”

Andrea wants this system to be overthrown. She also clearly shows this in her second message.

The movement is there. People want to. It is waiting for that one push or that one person to take the lead. Those who start take the first blows and you have to have a lot of guts for that. But we will catch the heroes and we will follow and fight.

Watch the video of heroine Andrea Haberl. The day after she posted her voice message on Telegram:

Dutch subtitles:



Andrea, you are a true hero and the fact that you have decided to take this path and not deviate shows that you are a good person. A real person!

It is very sad that you may have to worry about your own family when you are telling the truth. Andrea has a family and you only have to listen to this woman for 1 minute and you see a loving mother.

It is special that they are always people of the so-called far-right fascist political parties that stand up for our freedoms and stand for more power back to the citizens.


We were not so much shocked by the statements of these politicians- It's nothing new. We were previously shocked that this only now came to the attention in the Netherlands.

We and other platforms have written a lot about this and have always substantiated it. Anyone with a little will and interest who can figure out what plans will be carried out if we as a people do not get up.

It has been known for a long time that the corona vaccines are not manufactured to fight the so-called covid19 virus. There is so much scientific evidence, Corona (covid) is now being labeled as a major hoax by so many experts, scientists and other renowned persons and the evidence does not lie.

The only reason the public doesn't know is the criminal, corrupt, one-sided media.

It doesn't fit their narrative. It does not fit the world view that they are trying to impose on you. It should not be on TV. You must NOT know the truth.

People are sheep. Had we had genuine media, no Dutch person would have ever dreamed of putting on a face mask. Let alone comply with a curfew. It is just what the Dutchman is presented with at 20:00 by programs such as the terrible Nieuwsuur that will NEVER discuss this world news.

The media determines the behavior of many people in that regard.

But no matter how they try and how bigtech tries to censor us on YouTube and Facebook, it is counterproductive. People will seek the truth and they will find it. Censoring arouses curiosity in people and those who do not want to search anyway or are open to reality are people we would rather lose than get rich.

People stand up in politics too. People who work in the system themselves come out and tell their story. That's probably why this story got so much attention.

Sara Cunial

There are also politicians in other countries who oppose this hoax. In Italy, Sara Cunial was wide awake from the start of this hoax. A fragment to never forget.


This takes courage. These are people you are going to win the battle with. And there are many more. You don't see them ... but they are there. And we are going to see them!

Thierry Baudet, Wybren from Haga… please follow this example very quickly.

Every day we have fellow countrymen sprayed with rubbish. It is their own responsibility, but doubters can still be saved.

We are a small country. We can more easily break away from that terrible EU. That financial crisis is coming anyway and people will blame the nonexistent enemy: Corona. So that society has to be rebuilt anyway. Let's do it again ourselves. Building our own country. In our way. With our own laws and regulations.

Become self-sufficient and we will once again make history as a small country far ahead of the rest of the world.


Politician Haberl shocks the world: “I've seen it in black and white. It's about reducing the world's population. ”


Spread the freedom!

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