New Zealand: All “COVID” infected people and family in quarantine camps. Number of (very old) deaths? 22

So that we know what to expect here if a large part of the Netherlands keeps looking away. New Zealand. A country that was nevertheless known as a developed country where life was pleasant. Just like the Netherlands ...

We hope that this will open people's eyes that this does not only happen in the Netherlands and that people everywhere who dare to push this through. Why a Hugo de Jonge wins the elections within his party .. Those are the people, completely numb, who can do that.

Authorities in New Zealand have said they will place all new coronavirus infectious individuals and their close relatives in “quarantine facilities”.

The new measure was announced at a press conference yesterday by the director general of health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield.

"All cases, confirmed cases, must be managed in quarantine facilities"Bloomfield said, adding that the move showed “How serious we are in limiting any risk of continued transmission - even in isolation ourselves and inclusive to others in the household. “

In the Netherlands it has been found that about 361 people per million inhabitants died from COVID. Average age 82 years. With underlying disorders except for a few. They are their own official numbers.

Do you know how many people per million died of COVID in New Zealand? With the average age of 82 years?

FOUR! And do you know the total number of deaths in New Zealand? 22! Twenty-two!!! So there will be a kind of concentration camps for a country with 5 million people where 6 old people (with all due respect) have died in more than 22 months. We will not mention the flu that kills thousands of people, on average 65 years, in that same country every year (that is nature).



Ask yourself: How can this be justified? Why is it crazy to ask critical questions that the media don't ask? Or weird? Or conspiracy? Isn't it the other way around? Who is crazy? The chance that you will be hit by lightning is many times greater!

Aren't you just a “fool” if you think this is normal and for the good of the “people”? They lose everything !! For 22 elderly dead ?? And there is no other solution for that ?? COME ON!! Even the biggest haters of pages like CSTV NEED to see this, right?


Bloomfield continues:

"This applies to all cases and also to close family members who may be at risk", Bloomfield said.

In a separate video, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it clear that anyone in the quarantine facility who refused to take a coronavirus test would simply be held there for 14 days.

Again, and many people continue to deny this or do not want to see it. COVID19, is harmful to almost NO ONE and is at the bottom of every list as the cause of death. There are tons of articles that make this clear and literally thousands of doctors, experts and scientists who show this, well substantiated.

But ... dear folks, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the media don't allow this and censor it. Just knowing that .. will you really not ring a bell?



Earlier this week, New Zealand took over the decision to impose a new level 3 lockdown in Auckland and a level 2 lockdown in the rest of the country after only 4 new COVID-19 cases were discovered, with all those infected being part of the same family. .

This led to schools, businesses and restaurants all being closed for a period of 3 days, making it clear to Ardern that it could be extended.

Before that, not a single case of coronavirus had been recorded in the entire country in 102 days.

The total coronavirus death toll for New Zealand is only 22 people during the entire pandemic.

In neighboring Australia, police have been empowered to enter homes without a warrant to conduct quarantine checks.

You may wonder what will happen to people in New Zealand who refuse to be held in a government quarantine camp against their will.



There are, also in the Netherlands, millions, perhaps billions of people who want to warn their fellow man what is going on and what is about to happen. All these people have predicted this since corona came in. And it came true. And we know what's going to happen. It is publicly known, however, the great filter that keeps human knowledge from growing and such bizarre things going on is because the media doesn't show you anything about reality. EVERYTHING that the mainstream media produces is on behalf of, or for the agenda of, politicians. Understand that. See who controls the media.

See who owns all the Dutch newspapers. How can you form your opinion from such sources? That is unhealthy and unwise. Your worldview is completely cut up. And that makes sense after having only had the mainstream media as a source of information for years.

But now! Now you can search YOURSELF! And THEN the truth emerges. A small estimate is that people who try to find out with an open mind how the world really works and understand what POWER is… will be wide awake within a few hours of self-examination. We have seen many. Happy. Because anyone who can think rationally will see how things work.

Ask yourself. In such a terrible time, and then we are not talking about corona but the unlikely bizarre far-reaching measures, why is there no room for opposition in politics and in the media?

Why are alternative solutions against Covid19 not even discussed when millions of experts and doctors have very sensible things to say about this? Why are we expected to take everything from the handful of regular experts that the media shows us?

People, it is 2020. We as humanity can acquire so much knowledge and wisdom that we as humanity would normally be much further ahead. They know that! Politics, but also the powers above, know that! You won't be kidding anyone about this “nonsense” in 10 years. We know better. And therefore… the most irrational measures at Blitzkrieg pace.

It's their last chance. This is our chance! WAKE UP!

Check out this video of the Chief of Police again. This is where we are.


Ask yourself! Not to us. For yourself! Take a good look around you what the hell we are doing. And about conspiracy thinking ... the word conspiracy is so misinterpreted. Of course there is a plot. Everything is a conspiracy. But then also understand the definition of COMPLOT!

Robert Jensen, whether you like him or not (it's crazy for words to have to say that every time) it's not about who says something, but what is said.

Here Robert Jensen explains exactly how incorrectly the word conspiracy or conspiracy thinkers is interpreted and used. Not believing in conspiracies ... that's just a bizarre conspiracy.

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