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Nexit. Time to say goodbye.

A petition is an opportunity for us to be heard en masse as citizens.

You often achieve nothing with it, you often hear. You will not immediately enforce a Nexit with it, no.

But if such a petition is signed en masse, it brings courage among the citizens, which can lead to even more despair among politicians. And the politicians who are on our side have an extra weapon. And above all. Always let yourself be heard!

The counter is currently on 22.246 signatures.

Grab everything.


All citizens of the Netherlands


  • That the Netherlands must step out of the EU immediately so that the Netherlands can regain full control.
  • That if the Netherlands leaves the EU, billions no longer have to go to Brussels so that the money can and must be spent in their own country.
  • That we must prevent Mark Rutte from leaving for Brussels and getting a position there in the European Commission.

and requests

  • That the Netherlands leaves the EU immediately.

Click here for the petition!d



Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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