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NGOs want residence permits for illegal immigrants

In Italy, major NGOs and other “human rights organizations” are trying to pressure the government with their “I Was a Foreigner” campaign.

With this campaign, they want the government to issue undocumented (illegal) residence permits. (source)

“In this way it is ensured that there are enough farm workers to ensure the harvest without under the table arrangements and exploitation. "

Illegal residence in a country is a crime. Taking illegal is also a crime. However, other measures can be devised against this than issuing residence permits.

These NGOs will continue to insist and exaggerate by saying that these are our new dentists and lawyers that we will desperately need in the future because we will have a shortage of workers.

But there is still a lot to be done to turn these people into dentists and lawyers.

Dozens of (left) mayors and organizations that stand up for the rights of migrants are putting pressure on them Minister Luciana Lamorgese en Minister Nunzia Catalfo to hand out these residence permits.

They even want the government to legalize these illegal foreigners from outside Europe.

Should this happen, websites like this source write INFOMIGRANTSthat people can come to work here legally and the boats keep coming. Sites like Infomigrants are widely viewed by fortune seekers.

The campaign is sponsored by the following organizations:

  • Italian Radicals party
  • Angelo Abriani Charity House Foundation
  • ARCI
  • ASGI
  • Centro Astalli
  • CNCA
  • A Buon Diritto
  • Oxfam Italy
  • Federation of Evangelical Churches
  • ActionAid Italy
  • Legambiente
  • ACLI
  • cild
  • Scalabriniana Agency for Development Cooperation
  • AOI
  • Dozens of mayors and smaller organizations.



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