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Dear readers:

The renewal of the website also included the introduction of a newsletter. 

We didn't have that before and we bought a plugin that makes that possible and so we installed that plugin. The idea behind it is to always be able to stay in touch with each other in this way (you never know during these crazy times). We wanted to put together a kind of weekly newsletter so that everyone receives an email from us every week with the most important news and possible developments at CSTV and in this way get a look behind the scenes and let us know what we are doing. What we do with the donations. Those kind of things. Transparency.

This newsletter plugin has a free version. We bought it to test it and we understand that you will eventually have to pay.

To briefly explain what a plugin is for people who don't know:

For example, the comment section below the articles is a plugin. The ability to place smileys is a plugin. The option for people to comment via social media on our site is a plugin. If you want to show “related articles” then this is done via a plugin. Building our website is done with the Elementor plugin. The security of the website is a plugin. Expanded photos come through a plugin. To allow people to place a video etc. under the articles is done via a plugin. Most everything you see are plugins. So basically some kind of apps. And so we have tons of plugins.

All those plugins usually have a free version, but you simply pay monthly for them because otherwise you can do little with them due to the limited possibilities.

Similarly Mailchimp. The plugin with which you can send newsletters.

We thought it would take a while before you have a number of people who have registered, despite the many visitors we have every day. Actually that is precisely why we thought that not many people would sign up for a newsletter so quickly because they will receive everything and it may not be equally interesting for everyone to hear what we are doing in the background or what we have to say.

But we already received some emails where the newsletter was. Logical. Not even thought of ...

So today we went to see how that works in order to prepare and send our first newsletter.

When we logged in we saw this:

Then this:


And when the "conflict"













Well, that 5.000 we are so on and about. And all idiots call like Arjen Lubach that all those conspiracy madmen do everything for the clicks and money ... they really have no idea what is involved and they think we do it for fun and the buck.

You go to his site instead then you can pay money first before you get to see anything.

Hey, when we get to a point with our platform where we can say, “Wow, we're really gonna make something out of it and everyone who cooperates gets nice tips for all the time they put into it!” Then you will be the first who know and then we are not secretive about it. Nothing to be ashamed of either. But unlike Lubach who is pampered, we will probably almost all invest it back here to set up such an immense platform of wisdom that no one can ignore, so that these types of guests are completely wiped out and helpless. standing empty-handed outside their media bubble not knowing what to do. We have something that those figures do not have. Ideals and activism for a free country, beautiful Netherlands. 🙂

Back to the newsletter… We are going to find another solution for this. There are more favorable options, but we are very proud that so many people have already registered. You would say: Send out at least 2.000 newsletters, but that is not allowed.

But that newsletter is coming.

Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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