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Nigel Farage warns of the danger from China

The big problem that is called China

Finally several people are waking up in Europe and they also see the danger of China.

If everything goes as it goes, by 2028 China will be the largest economy in the world and will also become the largest world power. When America falls, it will be nearly impossible to hope to ever live in a free world again. Or at least relatively safe as we used to know it.

Nigel Farage has had success with his Brexit and feels very well what is going on in the world. It is hoped that some people will wake up properly about China and how communism is advancing worldwide. We dig our own grave.

Some media, such as NTDinvariably talk about the CCP virus instead of corona or covid. CCP stands for Communist Party China. It may give some food for thought about the how and what of the so-called corona virus. Because it could be anything, except coincidence ...

See a short clip with Nigel Farage here:

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