Nitrogen chord maneuvered through it

The newspaper for farmers writes that the coalition parties reached an agreement on nitrogen policy this week in DE LUWTE of the corona crisis.

Hague sources say diplomatically: "We are optimistic about the chance that there will be a signed agreement on the approach and approach in the very short term."

"An agreement is only 'real' if the SIGNATURE of the ministers involved is under it." says one data subject.

In terms of content, little is said about the agreement.

Last Thursday, the coalition parties discussed a wide range of measures. As soon as the financial section is complete, the final hammer blow is given.

Initiates whisper “things will be okay financially,” despite the many trillions of dollars now being spent worldwide to control the so-called life-threatening corona virus.

However, that money still has to be earned by someone first.

Also Jan Roos is very concerned on YouTube and Twitter about the sneaky stepped nitrogen agreement. He also appoints RIVM, who according to Roos are often wrong with their figures:

“While you are hoarding, all kinds of headache files suddenly disappear like snow in the sun. For three quarters of a year the Agriculture department was completely overburdened by the nitrogen crisis and now the coalition IN SILENCE has reached a broad agreement on the approach: says Jan Roos.

Only: it cannot be officially released for the time being, because of the 'corona crisis'.

According to an interview with minister Plasterk in the Volkskrant at the time, Timmermans said to Plasterk in 2007:

"You are a real problem solver!"

He did not mean this as a compliment, but as a criticism. He called Plasterk a beta. Someone with the attitude: We have a problem, we make it as small as possible. We solve it.

But in politics, if you look at the meta level, according to Frans Timmermans you have to say:

“Be happy, cherish the problem, make it bigger !! Then you can enjoy it for years to come !! ”

Video Jan Roos:

Bron is in the pipeline

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