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No, coincidence does not exist

No, coincidence does not exist

Where Rutte III cherishes the caretaker status, there is once again a coarse crumbling erosion going on at the citizen-contemptuous level of the current democratic norms and values.

No, coincidence does not exist!

Where Rutte III cherishes the caretaker status, there is once again a coarse crumbling erosion going on at the citizen-contemptuous level of the current democratic norms and values.

Under the motto: a cabinet can only fall once, it continues constitutionally with what the representatives of the VVD, the CDA, D1 and the CU have been good at and especially not good at for 66 years.

The career politicians of these parties are extremely good at voter fraud on a large scale. Especially during this caretaker state of decomposition. After the emergency and emergency laws had already pushed us down our throats, last week, actually more or less during the shots at Peter R. de Vries, the alleged killer virus corona was upgraded to an A status. Without interference from the judge, people with a good mind can act without rights. Children can be deprived of parental authority when brainwashed 'experts' judge that unvaccinated parents are a danger to uninfected children. Adults without a shot can also be placed in isolation without trial. We call the Netherlands a free country.

At a time when there are rumors that the number of deaths from the vaccine exceeds the number that would have died from corona, Rutte is taking it easy with the coalition talks. The campaign for the elections was pregnant with good intentions, with a debauched corona prime minister as the figurehead. The elections were won and the collapse of Pinocchio Rutte was almost a fact. The VVD had to be modest. The potential coalition members smelled the stench of a party in the process of dissolution and thought they could make some bad luck with it. Fortunately for Mark, the CDA made it even more colorful.

GroenLinks thinks it can take advantage and is ahead of itself on the slippery path to vulgar power. Rutte says nothing and does not promise anything. Is that weakness or very cunning? The 4 without GL can continue ondemo for the time being. It is Rutte's demand, however, to participate as the largest party in a new government, even if this time it costs a lot more voter promises than previous times.

Our current democracy is based on whimsical party wishes and demands of career politicians. National interest is an empty concept after every election that is always deleted from the (party) dictionary until the next voter round. How different would it be if parties with the AS system (Alternative Constitution) as a spearhead, such as De 1e Demokritische Volksbeweging ( would gain a majority in the House of Representatives?
Then the interests of the voters are central instead of those of the party elites.

Now Mark Rutte is slowly back in control and can still turn in all directions. All sides that the VVD voters are not aware of, the voters for the parties who are allowed to join subordinately, let alone not at all.

This is not a coincidence, because there is no such thing as coincidence. It has been this way for decades and we seem to agree with it. Perhaps for lack of an alternative. An alternative that is available after last week: The 1st Democritical People's Movement. Coincidence? No, coincidence does not exist.

Was the attack on Peter R. as an exception a coincidence? Coincidentally at the same time as the upgrade from covid to an A status? Well, if there was a coincidence. Coincidentally, the attack received all the media attention, while the a status was introduced unnoticed. Did Peter perhaps burn himself from some invisible fire? Was the timing…….?

Coincidence does not exist, everything has a purpose, a reason.

Rients Hofstra

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