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No conspiracy thoughts but facts (guest blog)

No theories, no assumptions and no suspicions. Just the facts. (Sanne Burger)

How is it possible that a small group of protesters could have successfully stormed one of the most secure buildings in the world, the Capitol?

Why should small businesses worldwide, including the catering industry, close and large businesses (Ikea, supermarkets, MacDonalds) open? Why are airports, casinos and brothels allowed to open, but not theaters and festivals?

How can the richest of the earth continue to enrich themselves in the past year and how can the gap between rich and poor deepen? Bill Gates' net worth has doubled.

How is it possible that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have / had more power than President Trump. Were they able to block accounts? Freedom of speech is being violated, including that of doctors, journalists and scientists. Only in a dictatorship are you gagged!

How is it possible that the major newspapers of the Netherlands, but also those in Denmark and England, unanimously called the horned man who entered the Capitol as the 'Qanon shaman'? Is there one editor-in-chief for all those magazines?

How coincidental is it that in October 2019, a few months before the official corona outbreak,

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with the WEF (World Economic Forum), organized a meeting in New York. It was Oct. 2019! A global pandemic was discussed there. Was there a secret agenda?

Why did Fauci, controversial virologist and leader of the corona event, announce in a speech enough that there would be a pandemic for sure within a few years? How did Fauci know two years ago that a pandemic would break out?

The covid-19 vaccine, but also the alleged virus, was patented years ago by the WHO? It didn't exist in Wuhan at the time. Is it therefore a pharma invention?

It takes five to ten years to develop a vaccine. Covid vaccines were created within ¾ years. How risky?

Trump did not stop US government support to the WHO last year as a fad. and have suspicions been expressed as to their opaque practices?

Question 11: LADY GAGA

Why did Lady Gaga become the host of the WHO show that launched less than a month after Trump's withdrawal? Was that to raise money to fight the pandemic, or was there some other reason?


Why did Hugo de Jonge already order vaccines for millions of euros in tax money last year from AstraZeneca, the company where his brother works, while they were said to have not even been made at the time and at that time it was absolutely not certain whether they would ever be made to become?

Question 13: WHISKEY

Why is Ab Osterhaus telling his story night after night as an expert on TV, while this man opened a bottle of expensive whiskey in 2009 when the first infection with the Mexican flu became known in the Netherlands? He thus celebrated the sealed vaccination deal with his team. Has everyone forgotten that the deadly outbreak he predicted did not materialize and that 20 million vaccines could be thrown away? These cost the taxpayer 144 million euros. Have we just forgotten that after 11 years?

Question 14: ABRAMOVIC

Who is Marina Abramovic, except for Lady Gaga's mentor and an eccentric, morbid artist who invented the phenomenon 'Spirit cooking'? Food is served in the form of a corpse. This takes place at parties with Hollywood celebrities and prominent figures from various governments. And why is Abramovic on the cover of a book by Femke Halsema?

Question 15: OUT OF SHADOWS

After the release of Out of shadows, a documentary about child abuse in Hollywood, made by a stuntman, an industry insider, no actor came forward to voice his or her opinion? Why didn't they defend their industry? Why didn't this get into the media? Why wasn't it talked about? Wasn't this important? Didn't they want to clear their name? Why were Elijah Woods, Mel Gibson and many others who came out with shocking information about satanism and adrenochrome use in Hollywood were hushed to death? Where have Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Bono and Robert de Niro suddenly gone? Why doesn't Oprah broadcast this? Isn't this silence alarming? Do they sometimes have something to hide?

Question 16: BROKEN GLASS

Why does the Dutch government refuse to investigate child trafficking in the Netherlands, even after the publication of 'Broken glass' by Sanne Terlingen (Argos, Human, VPRO), for which an overwhelming amount of evidence was collected? Is it because Grapperhaus previously worked for Joris Demmink? Is it because they fear what will come to light when they actually do research?


Why was the Hampstead case covered up in England after the heartbreaking, authentic testimonials of two of the victims, who explained in detail what exactly happened, who participated and where the crimes took place? Why was there no investigation and the father was immediately acquitted? And where are the children now?

Question 18: DR. PHIL

Why was the Dr. Phil show taken off the air in both the US and the Netherlands, the day after he let a victim of satanic abuse from high circles speak?


How come Oprah Winfrey and John of God, her famous healer from Brazil, who was arrested in early 2019 for running a massive sex slave and child trafficking business, were close friends? How is it possible that Oprah Winfrey didn't know about this? Why has she never mentioned this? Was she an accomplice?

Question 20: Mouth caps

Only non-working face masks are allowed, the government says. This is also stated on the packaging: does not protect against viruses. Face masks are more of a behavioral experiment, the government says. So mouth masks do not work. Why then do we have to wear them, and why are so many people slavishly following that unscientific recommendation?

Question 21: LIABILITY

The vaccine industry is not liable for any damage they cause. That is, if you or your child gets sick or dies as a result of a vaccination, you cannot sue Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or any other manufacturer. At most, a judge can hold the state liable, so that any compensation is actually paid by the taxpayer himself. How is this possible and what are the consequences, if a producer is not liable for the operation of his product, except that he can become very rich with it?


The effectiveness of vaccines, not just covid-19, but all vaccines, has never been scientifically proven. Why, then, is so much pressure being put on the current vaccination program and pretending that is our only salvation?

Question 23: PASTEUR

The theory of the contagious germ - le grain - has never been proven. Louis Pasteur introduced it, but admitted on his deathbed that Béchamp was right. Béchamp said that illness depended on the health of the body - le terrain. Pasteur's false theory was later adopted by the Rothschilds and turned into a revenue model. Why is this theory proclaimed as truth to this day?

Question 24: BAN ON BILL

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have run vaccination programs in both India and Africa that have gone horribly wrong. Hundreds of girls have become infertile from the HPV vaccine, thousands of children have been paralyzed by the polio vaccine, and many people have died. Bill Gates stopped entering India for a while after the havoc he had wreaked there. Why is nobody talking about this?

Question 25: WIKILEAKS

Wikileaks is spotless as to the purity of their declassified documents. No inaccuracies have ever been found, including in the documents proving that Hillary Clinton was involved in attempts to influence elections in the US in 2016 by pretending that Russia was involved in the Trump team. Nor in the documents proving the involvement of both the Clintons and the Obamas in Pizzagate. Then why was Julian Assange arrested? Because he allegedly assaulted two women in Sweden? That charge was dropped at the beginning of this year. Then why is he still imprisoned? Nobody knows. Besides, why doesn't anyone read these documents? They are simply online! And why is Julian Assange still not free?

Question 26: MK-ULTRA

"Hey wait, you just said you wouldn't bring up conspiracy theories."

'That was to reassure you and I won't. MK-Ultra is a fact. Listen and shiver.'

Why are so few people aware of MK-Ultra, the sequel to Operation Paperclip, WWII's Nazi program? There are more than enough testimonials. Mind control and cognitive dissonance are part of the MK-Ultra program and penetrate much deeper into society - and into your head - than you might think.

Question 27: CENSORSHIP

Why are politicians, doctors, specialists, journalists, whistleblowers and even presidents censored and banned from social media? Since when can we no longer choose for ourselves who we want to listen to and what we find interesting? Why do people tolerate this? Are we so used to being pampered that we are even willing to give up our right to self-determination?


Why is Facebook censoring Trump's election posts, in favor of Biden? Why did Twitter erase posts from Trump, and now even his entire account? Why is Parler being removed in its entirety, leaving Trump nowhere to go public? Yes, because they want Biden to win, of course, but isn't this influencing the elections? Isn't that punishable? Wasn't that exactly what they accused Russia and Trump of four years ago? Then why are they doing it themselves now? And who has such an enormous interest in Biden winning and not Trump?


There seems to be overwhelming evidence of electoral fraud in the US. How is it possible that the division about this is so great? How is it possible that members of the senate, lawyers and the people are so opposed to each other? What is true and why are it made so difficult for us to know the truth?

Question 30: ORANGE MAN

Why is Trump's face being turned orange in the media? Is that to plant the image 'Orange man bath' as ​​deep as possible into the unconscious of the people? Sounds good, don't you think? But it is false.

Question 31: ETYMOLOGY

Are people aware of the origin of the word 'conspiracy theory'? Do they know that this concept was already launched by the CIA in the sixties, in order to ridicule everything that did not fit their way? Don't you notice how the word 'conspiracy theory', 'conspiracy thinker' and 'conspiracy thinker' ends every conversation? This is a neat piece of mind control, just like 'Orange man bad' and something quite easy to spot - especially in others.

Question 32: FORCE

Why do most people agree to the obligation to pay 100 euros or more every month to health insurance that almost always costs you more than it yields, because the deductible is never met by most people? Why are alternative medicine reimbursed less and less? Have we become unnoticed slaves to a system that does not aim for our health, but for its own profit?

Question 33: MEDICAL MAFIA

Why is it that medical science makes billions, but humanity is getting sicker and weaker? Chemo doesn't work, the flu shot doesn't work, and the use of allopathic drugs is the number 1 killer in the US. It seems as if they have an interest in us being and staying sick, weak and nauseous. After all, nothing can be earned from a healthy and happy person. Would this be true? Is the world really that grim?


Why was the drug hydroxychroloquine suddenly banned last year, when it was widely available until then? Why were doctors attacked and removed from office when they recommended it, and why was the ban withdrawn by Fauci himself six months later and admitted that it did help, when combined with zinc, vitamin C and azithromycin? Who or what was behind this?

Question 35: THE FIGURES

Why did WHO and RIVM quietly adjust the death rate around covid-19 during the year and found it to be much lower than initially claimed? Why was no distinction made between dying WITH corona and dying WITH corona? Is it acceptable for these types of health organizations to make such blatant mistakes? Or was it on purpose?

Question 36: SOW PANIC

Why is a disease with such a carelessly determined death rate, no higher than that of what we call the annual flu wave (0,12% is now being said, I believe), to call out a pandemic and take grotesque measures? Two years ago, the death rate was even higher. Why this panic now?

Question 37: THE URGENT LAW

Why was an emergency law passed in the Netherlands for the first time since just before WWII, so 80 years later? What is the underlying reason? Why is it necessary to give all the power to a new minister who was not even elected by the people, but only became Minister of Health at the beginning of the pandemic?

Question 38: THE PCR 'TEST'

It has been abundantly scientifically proven that the PCR test, which is still used worldwide to determine if someone has covid-19, does not give correct results, but only determines that you have or have had an infection. The PCR test, which is not a test but a multiplication technique, was applied in Tanzania by President John Magufuli on a papaya and a goat. The result was positive: the papaya and goat had covid-19 according to the test. A doctor in the Netherlands did the same with a kiwi, which also tested positive. Doesn't anyone find this funny, or at least enlightening? How is it possible that this test forms the basis of all the numbers that come in the news every day and are used to justify the measures and keep people in fear?

Question 39: CHICKEN

Does no one notice that the figures for the number of deaths have been adjusted to the number of ICU admissions and then to the number of infections? Is it clear that the number of infections is only increasing because more tests are done, which also does not work? What's behind this? Does the government want to keep the people in constant fear so that they agree to the vaccine?

Question 40: INCREDIBLE

Why are straightforward scientifically proven facts being dismissed? For example, the fact that the PCR test does not work, or that the existence of a covid-19 virus has never been proven, but also the fact that there is an unmistakable correlation between the alarmingly rising number of autistic children, children with ADHD, so-called sudden infant death syndrome. and the ever-growing number of vaccinations a child receives at an increasingly younger age?

Question 41: PLOTKIN

Why does no one respond to the neck-hair-rising testimony in the court of vaccination specialist Stanley Plotkin, who stated on oath that there are toxic substances such as aluminum, mercury and other chemicals in vaccines, as well as fetal matter, ie cells from aborted babies?


Why does no one question the fact that covid-19 vaccines are completely new, contain mRNA (messenger RNA), as well as other compounds that can permanently alter the human genome? Is it known that this has never been tested on humans and no one knows what the long-term effects are?

Question 43: BILL GATES

Why is everyone stubbornly holding on to the idea that billionaire Bill Gates is a philanthropist, when he speaks openly about bringing back the world's population through vaccination programs? In addition, it has been said that he has just received permission to darken the sun as an attempt to combat global warming. Can't anyone see that this man wants to play God? Oh sorry, that was not a fact, indeed. That was an assumption. I apologize.

Question 44: ELON MUSK

Why is Elon Musk so popular, when he wants to turn the world into a large 5G network with his satellites, the effect of which on health is not yet known? Doesn't that mean that he is very much in keeping with the idea of ​​a technocratic control state, which Bill Gates, for example, also advocates? Is no one worried that our relatively free world will become like China, or does no one know that China is already such a control state?

Question 45: CYBORGS

Is it known that Elon Musk is at the forefront of technological developments linking AI to the human brain? He has already managed to implant a chip in a pig's brain without killing the beast. In an interview with Joe Rogan early this year, he said he expected to be able to do the same with a human brain by the end of this year. Who wants to be a volunteer? Is this the real Matrix and will we soon be able to download an entire language, a martial art or whatever we want via a chip in our heads? Or is this precisely the moment when we are plugged into The Machine and are no longer in control of our reality, because our consciousness is hijacked as we speak?

Question 46: HOPE

Why do people get angry at the suggestion that the virus might not be that dangerous at all? Why are they so outraged when people suggest that the measures may not be necessary, because there is not much to fear? Isn't that very good news? Isn't that just something to turn up and find out if it's true, especially when a doctor, specialist, or loved one says so? Why are people not happy about the possibility that the extreme measures are not necessary at all? Could there be any other reason for maintaining the measures?

Question 47: SOROS

Why did Soros, the notorious Hungarian-American billionaire who, with his efforts, donations and investments, is close to the top figures of the global policy, bought up the company 'Van Dijk Boeken'? Van Dijk yes, from whom you buy the books for your high school child. Would Soros have had a say in the selection and content of the textbooks that your child uses in high school?


Do people know that the Rothschilds, one of the richest families in the world, own all the major universities worldwide, and therefore have a big say in what the students learn there and what they later reveal as a professor or expert may bring? Do you think the secret hazing at Harvard is really that innocent?


Do people know that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers got rich through the oil industry, but also own Big Pharma and the media? And do people see the connection between the profiteering of both Big Oil and Big Pharma, in which the residual products from the oil industry are processed in the 'medicines' of the medical industry? The fact that most allopathic medicines contain petroleum ingredients is not good for your health. Yes, olive oil does, coconut oil too, but not petroleum. No, this is part of the Rothschilds revenue model. Moreover, the fact is that the Rockefeller family also has control over the media. Could that be a genius strategy to manipulate the world's population without them realizing?

Question 50: THE BIS

Have you heard of the heavily guarded secret bank, the BIS bank, which is located in Basel? Did you know that, like the Vatican, that bank and its employees enjoy sovereignty and absolute power over the rest of the world's banks? Did you know that the decisions that that bank makes transcend all government laws and regulations? Knowing this, do you understand that the real power in the world lies with very different parties than what we are led to think?

Question 51: WE ARE THE 99%

One of the most grotesque facts in the world is that 99% of all wealth belongs to 13 families, including the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Just think of a question ... Isn't that bizarre? Shouldn't we be outraged about that?

Question 52: COVID SCAM

During the Corona crisis, the number of deaths from other diseases suddenly fell sharply. For example, there were only 400 deaths from the annual flu, while there are normally many more. But cardiovascular disease, cancer and other causes of death have never been so low. Could it be that deaths have been incorrectly attributed to corona, when they were actually other causes of death? The figures do point in that direction.

Question 53: BURGERY

Are the reports true that hospitals in the US got $ 13.000 per corona case and $ 39.000 if that corona patient was also connected to the ventilator - the ventilator? Was this also the case in the Netherlands? Several GPs in the Netherlands have come forward who said they received extra money from the government for every corona patient they brought in. Would those doctors make that up? Why would they do that? What would they gain from that? Could it be that because they swore an oath as a physician to always put the health of the patient first, they were coming forward out of conscience? I think so.

Question 54: THE SCIENCE

Why does every proponent of the measures refer to the vague concept of 'science', while it is precisely within independent science that the masks, the distance, the fear and the vaccination talk are being debunked? The same question arises in connection with chemotherapy and many other procedures that are presented as scientifically sound. Could it be that people are being deceived under the guise of 'science'?

Question 55: SYMBOLS

Have you seen Celine Dion's demonic clothing line? Have you seen the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics? Have you seen the ritual opening of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland in 2017, with the same horned figure as the main character in the Capitol storm? Don't you notice the panda eyes, the covering of the left eye and the many satanic hand gestures of numerous celebrities, politicians and religious leaders around the world? What do you think all that would mean?


Do you know the Georgia Guidestones, the six mysterious granite columns that stand in Elbert County, Georgia? An anonymous client, for whom money apparently played no role, had them made in 1980. Who or what do you think is behind it? The columns form a clock, a calendar and a compass. In addition, a text has been carved into eight languages, with ten guidelines for mankind that usher in "the age of reason". The first and at the same time the most ominous reads: "Keep the world's population below 500.000.000." Good idea? Yes? But how? Are these the Ten Commandments of the New World Order? And if not, who came up with this?

'Well, I think I'm done. Now you!'

"Um… I think I should lie down."

Source: Sanne Burger. Adopted in full, he will certainly applaud.

Thank you very much for your energy and time


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