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No person is illegal, but if only Ilan de Smeerkees was

No person is illegal, but if only Ilan de Smeerkees was.

This unwashed leftist activist has it all characteristics of a stereotypical dull game boy.

Ilan Smolders in its natural habitat:

He's fat, unkempt and has tits.

Typically left-hand squatting gear, where everyone on Facebook immediately gets the pediculus bum louse.

Head piece from Antifa. Head piece from KOZP.

Internet troll Smolders hides behind the Facebook pages Heerlen can do it, Venlo can do it, Eindhoven can do it, Maastricht can do it, Rotterdam can do it and Refugees Welcome.

They hold sit-ins and organize demonstrations.

In short, these figures try everything for Sint-Nicolaas, Carnival and all of Holland Broken to make.

Radical Marxists who, anonymously on the internet, threaten hard-working local traders deserve it exposed to become.

Everything to the right of Rob Jetten becomes nowadays Extremely right .

Likewise, the pedo-hunter Brother Bob, who is always fighting against injustice, because in his vlog he makes short work of old whore Jerry Afriye and the Faal Bokaal.

That's why anarchists even call our hero 'The Netherlands' latest extreme right-wing amateur doxxer'

Incidentally, also starring in his video below: the criminal, subsidy-guzzling Puck Barton, Anne Lucas, Ivo Miesen, Janneke Prins, Amber-Helena Reisig and Eargelon Florentina.

Brother Bob is going all over it!

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