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No lockdown? Lowest unemployment, happy people and booming economy

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GOVERNMENT has crushed the economy

Republican Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem told the annual Conservative conference on Feb. 27 that lockdowns and other restrictions imposed by state and local governments are to blame for the 2020 economic crash.

Not the pandemic that they try to “beat”.

Kristi Noem has, of course, become the target of established media and Democratic politicians for her handling of the pandemic. Have success as you will read and yet you are the wrong one. South Dakota was the only state that has never ordered businesses or churches to close, never imposed a lockdown or a mask mandate, and refrained from categorizing businesses into essential and non-essential categories.

And they did the best of all when you weigh all the factors. But that's no surprise to those with common sense.

“COVID has not crushed the economy. The government has crushed the economy 'Noem said followed by a long applause from the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

And they pretend to be the rescue too. That is how they see themselves. Meanwhile, the Treasury Department cannot quickly print money to meet the wishes of Congress. ”

"But not everyone has followed this path.", she continued.

Kristi Noem

Shortly after the great panic, the policy of South Dakota in particular focused on trust in the citizens. As long as there was still uncertainty about the virus, it was recommended to wear a mask, but the figures continued to show that there was not much going on. coercion. Policy has not been influenced by media hysteria, but has followed the figures.

Noem is one such governor. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has also failed to follow up on national and global hysteria. They have not followed the obsession with oppression and strict lockdowns.

“There is no historical precedent or controlled process to support the usefulness of lockdowns and arguments about its effectiveness are political nonsense as there is no significant excess (or under-mortality) anywhere in the world. What IS A FACT is that Florida and South Dakota, among others, do not have a collective depression. ”

Ron DeSantis

They have never been subject to destructive measures. They were able to continue to work and live their lives.

We have lost everything and they have not. Those in lockdown are in a serious crisis. Not those who have not. It's that simple.

Also let alone that the PCR test is proven not to work. The PCR. The greatest lie of all time. That single fact alone immediately means “end of the basis of everything that has to do with corona measures”. But that does not completely get through to people while it is a simple correct conclusion. Surreal that tribes ignore this fact. Still… And that's just one fact that is dismantling this circus.

Former President Donald Trump repeatedly accused Democrats' governors and mayors of using the lockdowns to halt the economic boom triggered by his low-tax, deregulation agenda.


Lying Fauci

Kristi Noem said Anthony Fauci told her South Dakota hospitals would be treating 10.000 patients at the worst point of the pandemic. Kristi Noem corrected that the number was bad at worst 600 patients was.

“I don't know if you agree with me, but Dr. Fauci is often wrong, " Noem said followed by loud cheers from the crowd.

“Even in a so-called pandemic, public health policy must take into account the economic and social well-being of people”, she added. "People have to keep a roof over their heads, they have to feed their families and they need their dignity."

Their dignity. That has been strongly noted. You take that away from people by forcing them to wear something. You humiliate people when you take away their freedoms. Their freedom of movement is restricted. It is what normally carries very severe penalties.

“In my administration we have resisted calls for virus control at the expense of everything else. We looked at the science, the data and the facts, and then we opted for a balanced approach. ”

And by science don't name the TV virologists who also house in America in such a way that they can also appear before a tribunal.


The beneficial effect of lockdowns and ignoring corona measures for South Dakota is that they now have the lowest unemployment rate in the country and the state's economy is booming.

Despite bypassing lockdowns, South Dakota had the last 30 days fewer “COVID-19” cases per million people than some of the largest lockdown states.

The bottom line of all seems to be that simply living your life will make you strongest against flu-like viruses and you'll be a lot healthier and fearless. Then you are happier and that is what we want to be in life.

It's all so damn simple. It just has to get through to everyone.

Summary of Kristi Noem's speech:
Conservative Political Action - Day 3 2021

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