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Influenza viruses have existed, as far as we know, for over 500 years. Probably even for much longer. The influenza virus causes the flu. Every year, all over the world, people get sick from this contagious virus. Some of the sick, often the elderly and people with weakened resistance, die from it. In the recent past, I think we called it "a natural death."

Pandemics caused by the influenza virus have, to our knowledge, occurred at least seven times. The first pandemic attributed to influenza dates back to 1510.


The most notorious pandemic is the Spanish flu of 1918. It is not known exactly how many people died from it. Estimates range from between 20 and 100 million people. Whichever number is correct, there are many deaths. Although there is discussion about the cause of death of many of the victims. It appears that quickly pieced together vaccines have played an important role in this as well.

How could it be that influenza hardly occurs worldwide this year? This year influenza suddenly no longer exists, but another new virus is flaring up and has apparently beaten influenza. Another virus, which is said to have not been isolated in isolation, but is a virus with the same symptoms as influenza, with the same infectivity as influenza, with the same IFR number as influenza.

Could it be that a little switching trick has taken place?

If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it sounds like a duck… It probably is a duck.

No, they won't, will they?

No that is not possible…


Would it…?

Nowadays I am no longer surprised. A new contagious disease that has not been scientifically proven leaks out of China and then spreads to the rest of the world and dictatorial powers are bubbling up everywhere.

Apart from China and the friendly neighbors of China, the whole world is now infected.


Corona viruses have probably also been around for a long time, but it wasn't until 1966 that it was first identified and named. As far as is known, corona has never caused a pandemic before.

Most of the time, corona and rhino viruses only cause a cold. This time the virus causes a more serious clinical picture. A small part of the population falls ill and a very small part dies from the disease. But besides that, something else happens: Corona causes total madness, causes the demolition of society, the demolition of the spiritual well-being of people, the demolition of the financial well-being of people. And who knows what else awaits us.


A prime minister and a health minister continue to base their policies on a test that turns out not to be a test. One Member of Parliament bravely continues to ask questions, but time and again does not get an answer. The reason, according to Rutte, is that people at home do not understand that.

In fact, he states that no human understands that.

So that's why he doesn't have to explain in the room. I find it hard to believe that Rutte and De Jonge do not understand the PCR test. Although… Rutte, who has followed a meaningless piece of shit training (Master of Arts), used to be an employee in the personnel department (HRM) of a large company. Anyone who has ever worked for a large company has probably also had to deal with the human resources department. Only ignorant people work there who have acquired a certain power through their position. And these ignoramuses are often eager to demonstrate and exercise their power.

The Young was schoolteacher. There are schoolmasters and schoolteachers (they are no longer called that way, but good) to whom you can keep fond memories throughout your life (thanks master Van Riel and master Crisson). But with an arrogant and nasty man like De Jonge I cannot imagine that this has often happened with him.

If it is really the case that they do not know how the PCR test, which is the basis for the policy they pursue, works and what it is for, they are not worth it. Completely incompetent and should resign immediately.

But that is of course not the case. It doesn't even take that much effort to delve into the PCR test and find out that the PCR test cannot diagnose.

If they do know how the PCR test, which is the basis for the policy they pursue, works, then they are criminal terrorists and should be taken to the International Criminal Court.

Yes Mark, a lot of people understand how the PCR test works. No matter how hard you try remains do to keep people from understanding!

I had already explained to Markje Rutte in jip-and-jane language how the PCR test works in my column: 'Manipulation with figures, ruse and deception by the government, the RIVM and the mainstream media'.

But in case Markje has not yet understood, I will repeat it one more time. Especially for you Mark:

Imagine you are walking down the street with a blindfold. You bend down and feel in the gutter if there is something there.
You find a piece of rubber from a windshield wiper. You find that you have found a car.
But be careful !!
This is not just a car ...
This is a very dangerous car that might kill everyone.
But if you quickly put on a face mask, stop playing with your friends and keep your mouth shut, nothing can happen to you.

Flu shot

It may be a coincidence, but research has shown that in the countries where the most flu vaccines were used in the winter of 2019/2020, it is precisely in those countries that the most corona deaths occurred. To be honest, I do not know whether that is really demonstrable because the number of corona deaths is also one big farce.

There are now so many doctors and nursing home directors who have stated that the death certificates should include as much as possible Covid as the cause of death. I saw with my own eyes a hospital document that said: 

Covid tests Negative. Repeat Covid test Negative. Cause of death Covid.       I kid you not !!!

The mortality from alleged Covid-19 has recently been on average about 25 per day and thus 175 per week. However, the RIVM currently speaks of an excess mortality of 700 per week that can be attributed to Covid-19. The lying and cheating goes on and on. Incidentally, the average mortality rate in the autumn is always higher.

'The hospitals are overcrowded,' I keep reading. I know that in one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, with more than 800 beds, 60 are occupied by corona patients. I know that there are few or no patients from other hospitals. There are about 300 hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands and we have more than 2.000 patients (diagnosed with the PCR test) in the Netherlands. There are more than 8 per hospital.

But anyway, if our dictators are so concerned about hospital capacity, they shouldn't have cut it down in the last few years. The cutbacks in nursing homes also seem to be partly the cause of the current undercapacity. (Many people stay in hospital because the nursing homes, where they should be, are no longer available). Anyway, that just happened and then they could have committed themselves over the past 8 months to undo this and expand the care capacity again.

It just doesn't make sense.

Rutte and De Jonge simply should not allow the number of 'infections' to drop and hospital capacity no longer be a problem. Because then their entire power game falls away and their house of cards collapses. Would they already realize that this will not be without criminal prosecution?

Or is there more to it?

A large-scale international pandemic exercise took place on October 18, 2019. Many countries, companies, government leaders, ministers, billionaires (yes, Bill too) were involved in this exercise.

Bill had recently predicted that there would be a pandemic and recently he has let slip that a second, much more deadly, pandemic is coming. 'A pandemic that people will pay attention to'. He declared with a big grin on his face ...

marcel, yoe thinks too much in conspiracies!

Yes, how could it be otherwise since we are in a situation where, due to a flu wave, almost all governments worldwide are issuing the same nonsensical measures.

Let's analyze the various measures of the various dictators:

Keep distance: based on a study from the 30s, which has been misinterpreted by the WHO.

Mouth caps: have been fully proven that they are only harmful and ineffective against a virus infection. I recently heard someone say that it is like putting chicken wire on the windows to stop the mosquitoes.

Many shops closed: the more stores that are open, the less concentration of customers. Except to cause a lot of personal suffering and economic damage, this makes no sense.

Many companies close: except to cause a great deal of personal suffering and economic damage, this makes no sense.

You are not allowed outside on Sundays: well, the virus seems to be mainly active on Sundays.

You are not allowed to go outside after 22:00: the virus seems to be active mainly after 22 p.m.

It is forbidden to stay by the sea: the virus seems to reside here mainly near the Pacific Ocean, and when the virus detects someone walking by the sea, it strikes immediately and inexorably.

You may only go outside if you have a note with you stating a valid reason: if you come across a virus on the way, just show that note and the virus will leave you alone.

Air travel longer than 4 hours is not allowed: that is because when a virus gets on board a plane (?), it is resting for the first 4 hours and watching a movie and only then becomes active.

It is prohibited to go to a restaurant: when you are eating this virus is so merciless.

It is prohibited to go to a cafe: Pierre Capel showed in an interesting video that when the English pubs reopened, the contamination rate did not show any visible increase in the months that followed.

You must wash your hands completely: no comment on this nonsense.

But luckily Mark also has a big hammer with which he will kill the virus.

And if this nonsense turns out not to work because it is a stubborn virus, then of course it is you and me to blame. We have not adhered to the rules enough. Fie, and now even stricter measures. You are also no longer allowed to go on holiday, take the road, visit your friends and family, do sports, or go out on the street.

We will get you down!

The only thing that is happening here is that people are being made completely dependent on the government. Panic, fear, beware! 'But we offer the solution for you'. Listen to us and obey the rules. Your company ruined, lost your job, sick from stress, depressed from loneliness? "Don't worry, if you do exactly as we say you will be fine."

If you put a whole bunch of frogs in a pan of hot water, soon all the frogs will have jumped out. But if you slowly heat the water in the pan, the frogs will sit until they are dead.

And something like that is exactly what they are doing right now. One by one, a new absurd measure is added. There is still some discussion in the room about the shape, but with a few small adjustments the new measure comes through effortlessly a few days later.

And so we are gradually heated up and cooked.

It is unimaginable what we let ourselves be done. And this does not stop lovely people. This continues. That muzzle must never be taken off. That censorship continues. This new temporary emergency law is not a temporary law. That is a law that has permanently turned the country into a dictatorship. There are 4 ministers who can do whatever they want. The law has been discussed in the House and some points have been adjusted and hop, everyone has voted in favor. But those points that have been adjusted can change these 4 ministers again. They have been given that power. Now we still know who these 4 ministers are, but who knows, those 4 ministers in the next Cabinet might be even more incompetent or even more malicious than the 'dictatorship in nutshell' of today.

From day one of this nonsense, we should have been on the barricades. But we all thought it wouldn't go that fast.

What path do you think they have mapped out for you? How can it be that we suddenly have every confidence in a useless man who has been lying all his political career.

Rutte wants to kill the virus with a big hammer. How retarded can you be to still be prime minister of the Netherlands?

Viruses are there, have always been there and only go away when they have mutated into a new form. We live with that. And sometimes we die from that.

There is no point in resisting later. Then it will be too late. We are being made even more afraid, our freedoms are being taken away even more. More censorship to come. There will be more movement restrictions. Demonstration is even more prohibited. And the military and police are on the side of the new dictators.

Marcel van Tol



Video in which Wybren van Haga again asks questions about the PCR test and Mark Rutte thinks that it does not need to be answered because no one understands:



Manipulation with figures, ruse and deception by the government, the RIVM and the mainstream media.


Article by Leslie Alexis featuring Bill Gates announcing a new pandemic:


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