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No police? No violence! 

Spread the freedom!

No police? No violence!

How happy we are to have a police force who know what professional action is in the service of citizens.

See a good example of this: "Use appropriate force"



Many more of these images can be found on Twitter where the professional police officers are “de-escalating” to work.

Why do they let these crazy guys walk among peaceful people? People who also stand up for THE POLICE and for their families?

A large part of the people always wanted more police officers on the streets, more salary for the police and, above all, that the police be given the powers to use appropriate force if necessary.

What do we get back? Stench for thanks. A gang of devastated Antifa types who feel supreme with their sticks and behind their masks and helmets now that the government has given the green light to cut down anything that looks like common sense. If necessary by force.

Take a good look at which people are walking around at those demonstrations. Normal good people who don't hurt a fly. Unless you send Romeos to breed them.

Shame, really shame. This has nothing to do with professionalism. BAH!

Tweet addressed from Police to the herd population:


Oh yeah? Then you grab him and handcuff him instead of rushing into it with 8 men, letting the dog take out his aggression on this man and destroying his belongings.

Again ... SHAME!

Look back for yourself. How are we ever going to get respect for the police again? And the good police officers also get a bad name. Although they should come out to speak out about this.

Spread the freedom!

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