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Emergency button for niqab carriers

Turkish Zaandammer Ismael Ilgun, bullying vlogger, is participating in the development of an app especially for nikab wearers: 'Safety4Her'.

In the video HERE is to see how a white man harasses a woman in nikab. The man does not want her to take the bus because of her, since August 1, 2019, forbidden face covering clothing.

The man becomes aggressive and the woman presses her ALARM BUTTON. Then Ilgun comes to her rescue: "YOU ARE JUST GOING TO BE CALM AND WE ARE JUST GOING TO SOLVE THIS NORMALLY, YET ??!" Ilgun says to the man.

The intention of 'Safety4Her' is that Muslim women who do not feel safe on the street can use the app by pushing the ALARM BUTTON to inform other app users in that area of ​​the unsafe situation in which they are currently is wrong. Muslim men from the area can then immediately come on the scene to help her.

Ilgun claims: "YOU SHOULD LEAVE OFF WOMEN !!" The app is still under development. € 5000 is still needed.



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