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There's nothing like Friesland

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A while ago I wrote that we should divide the country in two. Part for the people who obediently want to follow Mark and Hugo and their fellow criminals and part for the people who can think.


Our Rients has written a more concrete proposal about this and advocates an independent Friesland.

Excellent idea!!!

In the past I was once in Friesland for a while and I am very charmed by the country and the people.

Stiff, some say, about the Frisians. Sincerely, I say. But I don't want to generalize.

Good idea Rients, let's declare Friesland independent, without Hugo, without Mark, without government terror. Just living together on the basis of common sense.

I just think that all those sheep who now put on their muzzles when they are commanded, who take their injections when they are commanded, those who stay at home, don't meet their family and friends anymore when they are commanded, will soon become very jealous be on the right-thinking people who live in freedom and full of happiness in independent Friesland.

And once they realize that, they also want to transfer to a country where it is a good place to live, where you are not obliged to submit your medical data to a dumbo before you can enter somewhere. A country where you don't have to undergo a poison injection experiment before you can enter somewhere.

A real migration is imminent.


Asylum seekers apr la lettre.

The solution is simple. Friesland is too small to be able to process the enormous asylum flow. So we will ensure that province after province will join the free, democratic, democritical, liberal, humane Friesland. A country where charlatans and criminals such as Markdolf Rutte, Hugo the Terrible, Marion Koopwits, Siegmund Kaag, what's that dick roar's name, Pig Osterhaus and his half-brother Sneaky Grapperhaus and all that kind of nerds and scum and followers thereof are not welcome.

It really won't take long, the brainwashed Dutch (no capital letter) are going to wake up and all want to live in Groot Friesland. Groot Friesland will soon consist of all Dutch provinces. As far as Limburg. Welcome Gladiator! Can Flanders please also participate and join?

Except for a small reserve in South Holland. A demarcated area around the hague where all dirty dirty criminals and their followers should stay.


But access to our new country is only for people with demonstrable intellectual abilities.

Maybe an IQ QR code is a good idea.


IQ – Intelligence Quotient

Frisian Free State?


Spread the freedom!

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