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Now on to a life without the muzzles.

I've been wondering for a few weeks, or even months, what will happen if the muzzle is allowed to be taken off one day.

Our rulers in the Netherlands and Spain have decided that from last Saturday the muzzles no longer have to be worn.

Well, small nuance, in the Netherlands the cover has to be put on in some places and in Spain the cover is no longer necessary in the open air. In the indoor areas, except in cafes and restaurants, it still has to be.

I am currently in Spain. In Spain, for a year and a half people have been walking around without any protest, without thinking, in the street, in the woods, along the beach, in the park, all day long with their muzzles on. It was not necessary in the car and in the restaurant. And so the situation regularly occurred that 4 people together in the car without a muzzle on, are on their way to a restaurant but have to put on their muzzles from the parking lot of the restaurant to the entrance of the restaurant and as soon as they are inside, he can off again.

That has left me with amazement many times. How is it possible that you can tolerate that without any problems?


In the Netherlands I can't see for myself at the moment whether people actually don't bother with their groceries when shopping. Comments from you with observations about this are very welcome!

Here in Spain, the impact and indoctrination of the 'mask behavioral experiment' is of course much greater. For a year and a half, everywhere and always, that cloth had to be done.

And then suddenly the government says: “Ah, you know what, it is no longer necessary”.

All this time it had to otherwise you would die.

And now you suddenly don't die anymore and you can get the cloth off. People can't get that together in those cups.

And what I feared, that is happening. Most people, young and old, groups of friends, parents with their children, it is really unbelievable, they just stop talking. Really, on the beach, in the streets and even alone or with a partner in the car, the rags do not go off!


It is like an animal that has been in a cage all its life and then the door is suddenly opened. The animal remains quietly where it is and will not leave the cage.

Please read again the wonderful columns that Karel Nuks has written on these kinds of psychology subjects.


In my column I had…

Hooray, the muzzle can be removed (for a while)

…already written that the abolition of the measures is only temporary. After the summer, all the misery just returns. The ink of my column had not yet dried when all the 'specialists' led by hugo confirmed my suspicion. They are still brooding on a good explanation. Because the 'vaccines' and their proper functioning and effectiveness are of course beyond dispute. But how are they going to reason that after the summer the number of 'infected patients' will increase again? They are still considering that.


You know what, I'm in a good (!) mood. I'll give them a helping hand.

You know that the 'variants' are no longer allowed to be named after countries. The countries concerned do not like that. When it came to the Brazilian variety, of course they rusted their asses. But India and South Africa have objected and that is something they care about.

This has led to the international phonetic alphabet (you know, Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo) being used to designate the viruses. Well, dear people, these variants are waiting for us next fall:

The Alfa variant, that is the tough macho variant and legislation has already been made for more gender neutral versions of this variant.

The Bravo variant is the most famous variant. That's why applauding will soon be banned.

The Charlie variant is originally from Vietnam. Become red zone!

The Delta variant actually comes from Zeeland, but has also been linked to India. Also both red zone!

The Echo variant is very easily transferable but also bounces back. That is why the muzzles will soon have to be put on again and public speaking will soon be banned.

The Foxtrot variant is especially popular at 25 year and 50 year weddings. They are therefore no longer allowed in the autumn.

Due to the Golf variant, the restrictions are set for outdoor sports.

Due to the Hotel variant, holidays and travel will of course be prohibited again.

The India variant comes from India, of course, but the Indians don't like that and this variant has been merged with the delta variant.

The Juliet (without Romeo) variant ensures that all forms of intimacy are banned.

The Kilo variant is the heaviest weighing variant. This will ensure a long-term and complete lockdown of the entire world.

The Lima variant is already roaming around in the Peruvian capital and is combated by wearing double muzzles and mudguards. Anywhere, anytime.

The Mike variant ensures that singing concerts and events with sound reinforcement are no longer allowed.

We are facing the heaviest month of autumn with the November variant.

Fortunately, there is also good news, we have a prize winner, the Oscar variant.

The Papa variant infects you when eating potatoes and French fries. That will no longer be possible.

Due to the Quebec variant, all travel to and from Canada is prohibited.

The Romeo variant is used to be unleashed on protesters for love and freedom.

The Sierra variant mainly affects people who still have such an old model Ford.

In South America Tango variant is very dangerous for dance lovers. All dance venues are already closed as a precaution.

The Uniform variant seems to be very dangerous for the army and police.

The Victor variant overcomes all vaccines.

The Whiskey variant affects people who occasionally drink a glass of wine or beer, but especially eat something stronger.

But the worst will be the X-ray variant, because in addition to Covid-19, you also get cancer from it.

Fortunately, the Yankee variant only occurs in NY and we also have little to fear from the Zulu variant outside South Africa.


They have plenty to choose from. And you know, one syringe does not help against all these variants. A new syringe must always be used. So keep the upper arm bare.

We never go back to 'normal', we just sink deeper and deeper into the abnormal and the absurd.


Here you will find Karel Nuks' articles on the psyche and indoctrination of man:

THINKING ABOUT - Part 4: Stockholm Syndrome


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