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NU.NL is taking legal steps towards CommonSenseTV

Last week we experienced how the citizen is silenced when you spread messages about that they do not like. 

We received this email after we posted a video in which we demonstrated the framing and lies of

This is the video that has removed from Youtube. He is still on Bitchute.

Last year, also forbade people to criticize the influence of humans on the climate.

We have acted according to the rules of fair use. These are 4 points that Youtube uses. But it remains unclear in which cases you are right or not.

The images refute the core of the story. It does not convey the same message. No money is earned with it. Other supporting images and information have been added to the video through text. Quotes are examined. And it shows that itself does what it accuses others of.

See here previous articles about

Here a new video about
In this video Gert Jaap Hoekman how the censorship is applied.



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