Gert Jaap Hoekman from fake news NU.NL is bluffing, threatening and losing

On November 4, we posted this video in which we depicted the framing and lies of NU.NL by taking an example from their own archive.

The of editor-in-chief and responsible Gert Jaap Hoekman has bluffed but lost.

The scammers who bring unilateral and manipulative news almost daily, wanted to silence us in all their arrogance and the greatness of greatness of Hoekman.

This video that we made was removed by the editors of Gert Jaap Hoekman.

Less than 2 days later we received an email from with the request to remove the video. NU threatened with legal action against CommonSenseTV if we didn't take the video away.











We wrote back the same day that we will not delete the video:













Almost immediately after sending this email our video was gone.

When you are silenced by really bad people, you will certainly not leave it at that. And we didn't do that either. Instead, we wrote a legal defense.

To defend yourself, you must be very sure about your case. Your YouTube channel will be removed when a defense is incorrectly submitted. And YouTube is VERY strict on that. And we also know that channels such as CSTV are not very popular with YouTube.

For the placement we have the right Fair use studied rules (reasonable use) about the use of third-party material to convey a message other than the original or to refute the content.

These are the key points. We do not receive any income from the video. Youtube never wanted to include us in their partner program in order to earn some advertising money.

But we were convinced that we have acted well here and that NU.NL just have a video away because the content does not like them. It says a lot about how the editor and the medium itself.

In this video with arguments and supporting images, we showed that spreads lies and does framing itself. They claim that their brand and logo symbolize the truth. Scandalous and you won't let that happen.

So we submitted the following defense:



















After Youtube asked for some additional information, they informed us two weeks ago that they approved the defense. They forwarded our defense to threatened with legal action, as you can read in their first email. Youtube gave 10 days to show that they actually went to court. But did not.

Gert Jaap, your bluff was called. 

Today we received the joyful announcement that the video is back where it belongs. Namely with CommonSenseTV. Established to tackle this type of rig. and Gert Jaap Hoekman: You are now officially losers.

And from now on we are even more on your neck and we encourage everyone to do that. What you do is dangerous and should be punishable.

Dear readers, share this as much as possible via Facebook and Twitter so that the Netherlands how works. Thanks to this type of media, half of the Netherlands has been brainwashed. This can open eyes again.

This photo has Hoekman been signed by this vague












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