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US gets 0 asylum seekers in October: ZERO! Media is furious!

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Since Donald Trump entered the White House, the number of asylum seekers who have been taken care of every year in the US has fallen sharply.

In fiscal year 2018 45.000 people received (October 2017 to September 2018).

In the past fiscal year there were only those 30.000. (October 2018 to September 2019)
Space has been made for the next fiscal year 2020 18.000 asylum seekers. The lowest number in 30 years.

In the month of October the US even brought in 0 asylum seekers.
"Zero!" would a well-known, and beloved, Polish politician.

And the media is mad about that number 0 (zero)!

The United States has about 20 times as many inhabitants as the Netherlands. If one calculates, 18.000 asylum seekers in the US are equal to 900 in the Netherlands.

That is 97% less than the 27.000 asylum seekers and after-travelers we received in 2018. In other words: the Netherlands receives more than 30 times as many asylum seekers if it does not reduce the figures.















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