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Biden: “100 days of mouth masks”

These will be good times for the Democrats.

Many will slap themselves for voting for this figure and especially the figures around this old man. And it is not just about the mouth caps.

He asked the audience to go back to the basics of avoiding indoor gatherings, socializing, and washing hands regularly.

“Wear a mask! If it wasn't for yourself, for your loved ones, for your country ”, ”said Biden. "These are real matters of life and death."

Only 100 days to mask. Not forever - 100 days, ' Biden said. 

We've been hearing that for 300 days.

"Things will get worse before they get better" Biden said. Anticipating the flu season that begins.

He asked the audience to go back to the basics of avoiding indoor gatherings, socializing, and washing hands regularly.

You don't beat this virus. It is a flu virus that has taken over the influenza flu.

Best Remedy: Healthy Living. Everyone understood that as they used to understand it.

President Donald Trump has been reluctant to wear a face cover in public - although he has worn one in mandatory situations - and at his campaign rallies, thousands of people were free from face coverings. His team argued that wearing a face mask is a personal choice.

It is one big theater. How many people were there in Washington to stop the stolen election? A quarter of a million huts together? And all those rallies and all other gatherings worldwide? It has no effect on the number of deaths, and counting infections is a farce. It's a kind of Big Brother with the flu in the lead. Can do them every year. The images will be the same.

The meanest tricks are when the media screens with headlines like: "Corpses in London are kept in tents.", en "Crematoriums can't seem to burn up fast enough." You have to look far, because the NOS is looking for crematoria in the Czech Republic to write such a disgusting piece. Who as a journalist does that? Then you are bad through and through, right?

They are brats who have to make do with the same internet as you and I, but with interests. They seek out as much flu as possible for their bosses to publish. As long as it terrifies. Not knowing what is going on in the world, these brats scare you as an adult. You who have already been through everything in this life are put in agony by brats with a pen and a boss with a political agenda.

But you only see an anonymous name and the well-known “trusted” newspaper. And many still do not see through that.

A random article from January 2018.

The Guardian 2018 - Source:


If you look a little further, you will see that everything is business as usual .. It is always busy around this time. Always extra closed tents for corpses because of the limited IC capacities due to cutbacks. Only now with a camera on it with the hyenas of the press on it and people who want to be in the spotlight and are meant to pass the fear on to their fellow humans. And precisely those people do not seem to be able to see through it.

Anthony Fauci

Biden has asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the leading experts and voices in the pandemic, to continue his role in the administration as one of the best infectious disease specialists in the country. At least, according to him and CNN.

When Dr. Fauci says we have a vaccine that is safe, that's when I'll be in front of the public and say so ”Biden said in the CNN interview. Former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have also pledged to administer the vaccine publicly to support the vaccine and show support for the public getting it.

Anthony Fauci

The CDC shows that the survival rate of the CCP virus is 99,98%. (source) Better still ... even 70% under the age of 99,99. And then they want to put on face masks for children over 2 years old. Those faces will look beautiful if there is no daylight shining on them for months.

Surely you could ...


Rutte hated and booed at Binnenhof: Rutte fuck off!


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