Old man in Arnhem beaten to death for fun by pure-bred pearls

The Dutch police yesterday arrested five 'youths' for the fatal assault of a 73-year-old man.

The facts took place in Spijkerstraat.

The man was attacked in the middle of the street on Wednesday evening while he was cycling around 21.15 pm.

De old man who was badly beaten was still taken to hospital but he did not make it.

He succumbed hours after misdaad to his serious injuries.

It concerns an XNUMX-year-old criminal from Rozendaal and four minors (one from Rozendaal, two from Westervoort and one from Arnhem).

For the time being nothing is known about a motif. The modus operandi possibly indicates a case of senseless violence. It has not been disclosed whether the perpetrators and the victim knew each other.

Police of Gelderland:

'We understand that there are many questions about it summary description that we this morning could wanted to give… '

The police started Wednesday evening directly with a comprehensive investigation.

After a call via Burgernet, the five suspects Thursday afternoon arrested.

Little has been made known about the suspects.

They were "dressed in black" and one of them wore a white hood.

This is all the police want to say about it.

On Twitter, the Gelderland police announced:

Mayor Ahmed Marcouch van Arnhem calls the fatal assault 'a ghastly, monstrous crime, with a major impact on society'.

The party is never gone… Burrpp


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