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One thing is certain….

Dear readers of CommonSenseTV, we try to inform you as correctly as possible about everything that has been going on for a year and a half regarding the corona hoax.

But it is now starting to get so complicated, it has become a plate full of spaghetti in which there is no beginning and no end.

The bomb-shell video Danny posted yesterday, with Dutch subtitles, the message Chris posted about the flood disaster, an impressive article that shows that all of this is also part of a bigger plan.

It all seems so softly connected. Doctor Mike Yeadon, someone who might know, warns us about the vaccines and the damage the 'vaccine' does. Doctor Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA technique warns us about the 'vaccines' and the damage they cause. The researchers at the University of Almería who found graphene oxide in the vaccines…. American colleagues confirm the findings of the Spanish scientists.

The covid-19 vaccine patents were already granted before covid-19 existed. That is already a terrible thing, but even worse is that the sars-cov-2 virus, which is admittedly still a theoretical computer model, has been patented.

Something natural, a dangerous mutation of an exchange of bodily fluids between a bat and marion merchants, for example, cannot be patented. Only put together crap (I have no other words when it comes to producing viruses), you can apply for a patent on that.

If you haven't listened to and watched it yet: Please, take 1 hour and 22 minutes to watch the video Danny posted yesterday. You are then forever freed from the idea that governments are planning something good for you.

I had already explained to you in my column “is there really a conspiracy going on” and proved that governments of most countries have been purchasing covid-2017 PCR tests on a large scale since 19. As for the form, they only submitted the official application for the covid-19 test on January 12 (USA) and 21 (EU) respectively, just after the first pneumonia but before the pandemic, before anything 'official' is known. was about covid-19. But it is now abundantly clear that everything, ladies and gentlemen, was carefully planned in advance.

A question that comes to my mind now is whether klaus schwab was aware of what the pharmaceutical industry is doing to us throughout this entire process or whether he thought shortly after the start of this gigantic scam, “Hey, this is my moment to push through my plans, which I have been working on for 50 years”. At first it seems that way, given the messages from him and from his cave buddy Charles.

“We have a unique opportunity and we need to take advantage of it quickly, because opportunities like these don't come around very often and they don't happen for very long.” (a narrow window of opportunity)

But since the biggest pickpocket in this whole game, Bill, you know, that of the computers and the computer viruses, is one of Klaus's best friends, I don't believe any of that. I think Klaus was part of the plot from the start. Klaus has been trying to trick governments and their leaders for years and years. Good or bad. Sukkel rutte even calls the 'professor' "his good friend".


Dear people, I cannot repeat it often enough. Whatever they plan to do to us, it's no use

but then nothing

to do with our health. And it is now impossible to think that all the misery 'they' inflicts on us could be caused by ignorance, ignorance or wrong decisions. This fear porn script is carefully planned and executed with precision. It is obvious that one way or another, everyone is forced to have those syringes injected into the body. There is a slight panic because some Spanish scientists have examined what is in the syringes and that it turns out to be the very harmful graphene oxide. Other scientists have also started investigating it and are coming to the same conclusions. Electron microscopes have been used to take pictures of the blood of injected people, which has been compared with the blood of unsprayed people.

On the left an (electron) microscope photo of healthy blood, on the right of blood after vaccination.


One thing is 100% certain:

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, of what is happening now, of what is now being forced upon you, of what is now being injected into you, has anything to do with your and my well-being, with your and my health.


A regular reader and commentator (Gladiator) of our website regularly calls for action. I agree with him but I don't know where to start. I think we need to get the police, but even better, the military on our side. Only they can help us get rid of this dictatorial rule.

We may be able to take the first steps here:


I witnessed first hand how 100 thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the Venezuelan dictatorship (Maduro). But the army and police only had to shoot a few dozen protesters to get everyone back into their homes.

I have witnessed much more closely as 100 thousand Peruvians took to the streets to protest against the self-proclaimed dictator (Merino) there. And when the police killed a few protesters, the military stepped in. The army (the army command of course) declared its solidarity with the Peruvian people and the dictator was able to leave the field.


We don't have to rely on the police.

We may by now describe the police force as a criminal organization. That wasn't always the case, but it has grown. This is largely due to the instructions from above.

In my opinion, and the wish is very much the father of the thought here, the Dutch army will not allow itself to be dictated by grapperwaus or rutte. Surely there will not be an officer in the Netherlands who will care about Ank Bijleveld or Barbara Visser?????? I think and hope that the Dutch Armed Forces is really there for the defense of the Netherlands and the Dutch people.


ps. On CommonSenseTV we already informed you on June 9 that Pedro Castillo is the new president of Peru. The mainstream media only found out this week. Keiko Fujimori has spent months trying everything to have the election declared invalid. To do this, she mainly has to call in corrupt officials from the era of her corrupt father (sentenced to life imprisonment). But they have become a little scared because Peru has little mercy for corrupt politicians these days. My firm belief is that Keiko will soon (once again) view the world from behind bars.

Let's take Peru (in this respect) as an example.




I just watched this video from Flavio and would like to add it to this article.

Extremely interesting, but with the understanding that in my opinion those in power are not at all interested in sensible considerations, sensible policies, but are simply carrying out Klaus' agenda. But in any case, here's a conversation about how it should be:

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