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Austrian police defeats Christmas market terrorist attack

The Austrian authorities have thwarted a series of terrorist attacks. 

This includes a bomb attack on the Christmas market in Vienna.

There were 3 men in the plot, including one 24-year-old IS leader(source) He is suspected of having prepared a bomb attack just before the St. Steven Cathedral in the center of Vienna somewhere between Christmas and New Year.

The other 2 suspects are 25 and 31 years old. All three are from Chechnya.

Other possible targets included Salzburg and locations in Germany, France and Luxembourg. (source)











Although Austria has been spared so far for major attacks in the name of Islam, a significant number of Austrians with a migration background have left for Syria to fight for IS. The countries most affected are still France, Germany and Great Britain(source)

What is significant after this type of news is that governments often talk proudly about the occurrence of an attack and that the authorities good job have performed.

The latter is absolutely true, but we are sticking plasters on wounds that could have been prevented. The men in the field deserve all the honor. The globalists who bring in these high-risk groups and have created this chaos deserve the (figurative) noose.

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