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OPEN LETTER to MAYOR Remkes van Den Haag

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On May 5, I, Ab Gietelink of Café Weltschmerz, demonstrated for freedom.

It is a sad and paradoxical fact that 75 years after the German occupation on May 5, 1945, our fundamental freedom rights under the corona measures were once again partially taken away from us!

The current corona policy understandably pays great attention to the spread of the virus and the medical care of infected persons.

However, there has been little or no DEBAT in parliamentary decision-making, and the overloading of IC capacity against astronomical costs and negative social effects has certainly not been weighed on the one hand.

The very drastic measures are causing an economic crisis with hundreds of thousands of unemployed.

They threaten the foundations of the rule of law, cause significant welfare losses for 17 million citizens and create deep psychological trauma for many.

Politics and the DOMINANT MEDIA are fixated on the medical side and have GOT little attention for the devastating social effects.

If there is a time in post-war history as a citizen to make your voice heard and stand up for our freedoms, it is NOW !!!

Very many do not agree with the policy pursued.

However, the hard and unprecedented measures taken by the administration and the police have caused fear to demonstrate for many citizens.

A fear of exercising their fundamental freedom to demonstrate.

The threat of a fine of 400 euros and cowardly police action frightens people to stand up for their beloved freedoms.

My participation in this protest has turned into a mind-boggling, frightening and threatening experience in a criminal state.

Exactly that threat and that police state that we never wanted after WWII became visible again in The Hague.

And let me outline how that happened:

You yourself had given permission, Mr. Remkes. That we were not allowed to hold a demonstration on the Square but on the Koekamp next to the Malieveld. Several hundred protesters with homemade banners had gathered there neatly.

The weather was beautiful.
There was a relaxed and positive atmosphere.
People laughed and talked to each other.
They kept a reasonable distance.

And raised chants.

I am firmly convinced that the police, in full helmets and horses, gave an extreme and exaggerated response to this essentially kind and gentle demonstration.

At one point, something was called by a police megaphone. But that was drowned out by a chorus.

The police then came into the demonstrators with horses.

And it was not gentle. The protesters responded to the call and moved slowly.

From the Koekamp to the entrance of the Central Station.

A number of people then left and some continued to chat. While the police supervised in full uniform.

I also started talking to someone.

And then it suddenly turned out that we were SURROUNDED by the police. As a result of which we could no longer go to the train and were forced to take a seat in a large police coach.

If the police had asked us to leave for the CS as a collective or individually, I would certainly have left, and I think everyone with me would have left.

Especially if the warning of arrest was issued.

It is clear that the police have failed to do so and have failed to perform their duties.

And deliberately escalated the protest.

None of the detainees in the police buses actually understood what we had done wrong !!

And the police wouldn't tell or explain that to us either.

What followed was as absurd and humiliating as it was out of proportion.

88 freedom protesters were taken to the police station on Liberation Day.

One by one we were unloaded like cattle. And locked in individually for six hours without any distractions.

In bare police cells measuring 1 by 1 meter.

Then we had to sign a written statement and six hours later we were put on state with the announcement that we will be prosecuted.

Liberation day became prison day for these 88 DUTCH. And will that remain in my memory for a long time.

There was a fair distance during the demo.

And that is partly why it is absurd and cynical to observe that we were accused of violating the 1.5 m rule, while the police forced ourselves to take a bus with 40 people.

On the desk, the 1.5 meter codes were completely ABSENT.

Police officers were everywhere in groups, talking close to each other. I understand very well that colleagues have to consult with each other and cannot come out with that crazy 1.5 meter society.

But it is very sour and double standards that we are criminally accused of what the polite DOES NOT DO AND in no way set a good example.

The comparison with other protests is also disproportionate:

During the Farmers 'and Builders' protest last autumn, it was accepted that farmers and builders drove the motorway with their tractors and large equipment with impunity.

While we, as peaceful and financially disinterested freedom fighters, are PICKED up and CLOSED.

Because we would have failed to respond to the police when it was FULLY TRUE.

The policy is an attack on the fundamental freedom rights of demonstration, we MAY demonstrate according to the law on Liberation Day for our current freedom rights!

But the police force makes it so intimidating and threatening that few citizens currently dare to voice their opinion in the public space.

The policy is an attack on the foundations of the rule of law and democracy.

And I am not all addressing you as mayor of The Hague. Responsible for enabling demonstrations in our political capital.

But you also chaired the Parliamentary System Committee and presented the report: 'Low thresholds, High dikes'.

YOU PLEAD YOURSELF for a progressive renewal of democracy and the rule of law.

I quote from your press release:

“Not all citizens feel sufficiently HEARD and represented. The existing political dissatisfaction among part of the population can lead to a withdrawal from and aversion to democracy. The state commission advises the cabinet to take appropriate measures now. ”

End quote.

And that is exactly what threatens because of the harsh and repressive police action in The Hague: that people CANCEL. THEY ARE READY WITH IT.

I need not explain to you the importance of fundamental fundamental rights and this specific right to take to the streets with a banner. You made a plea about it yourself !!

I call on you to restore that fundamental right of demonstration and not to threaten it any further, and therefore also to refrain from the criminal prosecution of the 88 freedom fighters!

If we have done anything wrong then we are ALREADY punished.

In recent weeks, a lot of attention has been paid to the Heroes from health care.

Maybe it would be time to give more RESPECT to those who think they want to stand up without payment for and on behalf of the rest of the Netherlands who did not dare

That is a bit different from the Antifa and Extinction Rebellion activists who do get a bag of money to demonstrate and are treated much less harshly.

The Dutch who have come to The Hague feel called to fight for the constitution. Suppressing that call is a SMET on the rule of law.

And is reminiscent of the bitter occupation years 40 -45 in which the HEROES of FREEDOM were thrown into jail and prosecuted.

And let me end with a quote from the speech of King Willem on May 5, 2020 on an empty Dam in Amsterdam:

In these exceptional months, we have all had to give up some of our freedom.
And the least we can do is not look away.
Not talking well, not erasing, not setting apart and not making normal what is not normal. (!)
And cherish and defend our free democratic constitutional state, because that alone offers protection against arbitrariness and madness. ”(!!!)

End of quote from King Willem.

Mr Remkes, I hereby ask you to correct the wrongs committed to freedom protesters.

Greetings, demonstrator Ab Gietelink

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