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Open Letter to Robert Jensen - We Must Fight NOW!

Dear Robert,

I think it is fantastic what you do for the Netherlands and I have a lot of respect for you and the fact that you have been going to, and continue to exhibit, this grand scheme from the start. Up to the present day.

This has been incredibly important for the Netherlands, and still is of course. Had you not done that, we would probably have been lagging behind by some stages because no one had the charisma, courage and commitment at the time to bring this to light to the general public.

You have your brand awareness and have decided to commit to this. You reach most of "the people". I also believe that you have integrity. Chapeau!

It is necessary to keep exposing and repeating the real facts. Every day you get new viewers who don't quite know the story yet and so you have to keep repeating it. Most will certainly understand that.

Furthermore, you are a tremendous support for many people. Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people who crave your show every day. Just some common sense before going to sleep in this nightmare.


With this one I put the spring in my own ass, so you don't have to do that anymore in case you answer.

I am also very proud of this platform: CommonSenseTV.

Started as a layman who could no longer bear to watch it and could no longer look at himself in the mirror if I wouldn't try anything, while I've been following world politics since 2002.

Driven by willpower, patriotism and idealism. Without writing experience or making videos. A simple average burger. And CSTV has since grown into a large platform with many visitors that radiates exactly that. Ordinary citizens speak from all walks of life and it continues to grow and grow.

From day one that corona became an issue in Europe and the Netherlands, we have also opposed this. We continued to exhibit this plan from day one by charting the obvious figures, facts and lies.

That took quite a few viewers in the beginning, but the belief that this was a scam was strong enough back then and we knew we were right about this scam. This smokescreen.


In your last broadcast (# 199) you rightly say during the first minutes of your show: "Now is the time for resistance!"

That moment has indeed come NOW. Continuing to just exhibit is not going to get us out of this misery. Then they did, they still had to wake up, not anymore. Now this total madness has to stop and then we will exhibit again.

It is now noon and we are in the middle of the process that the Netherlands is losing its freedom and democracy.

Anyone who is awake knows the facts and how it is. Some half, some completely. But we all only want one thing: Out of this misery ASAP.

Unfortunately, we don't have to expect anything from the opposition. What a mockery.

You say some people are too stubborn to do anything or they are scared. I know them too, but with some I can get in there. Many feel alone. And what do you do then?

But they are there when they feel supported, also physically, by thousands of people around them.

Indeed, there are probably millions of us in the Netherlands, but for most it feels like we are a few thousand.

This while the songs of you and all those other platforms show something completely different.

So: How do you see this resistance for you?

We can continue to exhibit until the winter, but in the meantime we are increasingly limited in the possibilities to do something because of the upcoming emergency law and the winter. The winter, which politicians and the media will abuse again, will also push doubters who are still militant back into the frightened corner.

There will come a time, and it has really come, when action must be taken. That we really have to REALLY resist. On all fronts. But for that all awake people must unite.

We receive an AMAZING number of emails and comments with the question: Why don't you collaborate with others?

We can all name dozens of reasons why it is difficult or why it is not. Or raise the differences. The fear of attaching yourself to others.

But that's not what people want us to do! What people want is that we, the influencers against this madness, unite the people and make the sound more accessible.

And bringing all those supporters together must happen NOW because of ...


It seems that they want to push the emergency law through on August 20.

This includes:

This law not only establishes the New Normal of the 1,5 meter society.

A small selection:

  • The minister is also given the power, for example, to close entire business sectors, buildings, design areas and schools at will.
  • Meetings, demonstrations and events are prohibited at our discretion.
  • The law has a safety net provision to impose measures that are not yet provided for.
  • Young people are displeased Buro Halt sent when they get too close to their friends.
  • People who evade quarantine measures can be imprisoned.
  • With this law Hugo de Jonge becomes the sole ruler.
  • The law is not temporary but semi-permanent.


At the end of six months, the minister can always extend the law by two months without the consent of parliament.

This emergency law puts the whole of the Netherlands in a hopeless virus dictatorship.


So there is NO time left!

Now there are already all kinds of initiatives and actions that are being held throughout the country. On CommonSenseTV we give everyone the space to announce their organized walking tours or demonstrations. This is very good because there is at least a buzz in the country and the events are organized from Groningen to Limburg and everything in between. The people are there. But there is no great unity.

I think, Robert, you can play a very big and important role in that. You are the face of, if I may put it that way, the common sense man who sees what is there and worries and wants to fight. You are the man who has opened the eyes of most people asleep and your supporters are supplemented by people from other layers of society. They all want to compete and really have the balls. But together!

You can exert an awful lot of influence and I think that you can ensure that the people who want to fight in the Netherlands come together and that you cannot neglect this either.

You can expect all the help from us.

We also try this with Weltschmerz and a number of blogs and websites. Make agreements to copy articles from each other, for half, with a READ MORE and with a recommendation. This is also how people come together.

The supporters of Café Weltschmerz do not know us. Our supporters don't know Blue Tiger Media and so on. Those supporters often consist of a different kind of audience, but with the same concerns and hopefully the willpower to get out of this. We also need those people!

Indeed, millions of Dutch people are indeed awake and fighting to do something about this! But it feels to people as if there are only thousands of them.

If we all continue to exhibit and shout from the side, nothing will happen, in the short term. And we don't have more time than that short term.

Because after that short term there is little left of our Netherlands. You see what they are going to push through.


The power of united citizens is greater than we realize.

We can change the policy. We can massively refuse to comply with the measures, we strike, we lay down the country, we live our lives as we always have, we no longer pay taxes and we force this government to its knees? All together. Because what do they want to do?

This is just an example as crudely sketched.

There are probably many other ways but the clue, the most important thing to be able to do something, bringing the people together.

Help us with that !!

When you call for something, it is answered A LOT. Use that! For us Dutch. Count us in! And it is to be hoped that we can also count on other influencers mentioned earlier in this article.

Once that works? Then the ball rolls automatically and it doesn't matter who comes from which supporters. It is then the Dutch people against a few psychopaths from The Hague.

Are we not doing this and are we all continuing to do our “thing”? Then we are all renouncing.

And from the beautiful battle we have all fought, we are left as platforms that offer comfort and where we can read or listen to some common sense again while the real world has become hell.

We will abandon millions of people if we cannot bring it up to actually try this as soon as possible.


Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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