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Open letter to Thierry Baudet and the Forum for Democracy

Dear Thierry Baudet and FvD,

Many people among us, and a considerable group of Dutch people, who you often see on Jensen, CommonSenseTV, Blue Tiger studio, Café Weltschmerz, Ongehoord Nederland and the Ommekeer, are very dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in Dutch politics!

This is not only part of this disgusting cabinet, but the entire politics of the Netherlands, because it is understandable that the FvD and PVV have in principle made errors of judgment with regard to Covid-19, but that it is impossible to keep pace with the chosen path!

With Planet of the Humans embracing, a small bright spot became visible again, but when FvD will use their wits about the lockdown, I will place here three links from GP Rob Elens, who should not use his 100% successful medication against corona!

Check out these links:

Let me say first that I will not be voluntarily vaccinated against corona and that a minister Hugo de Jonge should be locked up in an institution if he continues to declare the nonsense of events such as football matches to be vaccination dependent, listen carefully what GP Rob Elens says about the one and a half meter society and how to lock it up at home!

Wake up, are we going to destroy the Netherlands completely? Or are we going to use our common sense again?

Thank you for your attention!

With kind gsoot,
N. Velleren

PS If there is no quick response, do not expect me, and possibly many other people, to bother to vote, I am now 61 years old and that would be the first time that I would be absent go, but very consciously!

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