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Column: Opposition in the Netherlands is dead. Not in Spain!


I have long lost confidence in politics. This applies to me personally, of course I cannot possibly speak for all those other citizens who write or have written here.

I still had hope for the FvD (the Pim Fortuyn feeling came back to me after 15 years of waiting), but from the moment this party took part in the corona madness, I immediately cut my membership card. Literally. I don't want to belong to such a party. If an average person from day 1 that this virus came into the country, like me, can see that something is not right at all, then an intellectual like Thierry Baudet should be able to see it completely. I have explained this extensively from March until now in every article.

That sounds quite radical and impulsive, but because I just manage a website and a YouTube channel, which is often about politics, it is very important to be dependent and so it has been in my head to cancel my membership for a long time. I just needed one last push and it came.

They have never left open the possibility that something completely different could play here than Corona. There is also a fear of tackling the real themes that we discuss a lot here. An underestimation of a significant portion of the Forum's support. Citizens often have a lot of knowledge and a lot more time to gather it. Politicians find themselves in a closed political bubble every day.

My doubts about the FvD only get bigger, not to mention Geert Wilders who cheerfully keeps this shitty virus alive by seriously discussing a possible Second Wave. In my view, this virus must be ridiculed. Rightly ridiculed, because it is just a weak virus that we just have to live with. And we can do that VERY GOOD without government interference.

We do watch our elders because if the government does it, they languish or commit suicide. 

And we also pay attention to ourselves, so that we do not lose everything we have built up in this life.

Before this is included as an anti-FvD / PVV campaign… My voting advice to everyone is: Vote FvD or PVV!

Of course I personally hope that the Forum for Democracy and the PVV will score very high in the next elections. The rest of the parties speed up, among other things Agenda 21 only.

Like those two "Least bad" If the parties come to power, they do have a number of election promises to fulfill and on a small scale things will look better in the Netherlands, I think.

I also believe that they genuinely stand for a NEXIT and I also think that people like Derk Jan Eppink and a number of local politicians of the party have integrity.

A NEXIT, if possible, would then make us sovereign again and will also cause a great stir in the EU. When that monstrosity falls, hope will come again, even though the enemies we fight against are very big.

That Thierry Baudet is a great talent in articulating common sense, that is a fact. As we get closer to the elections, we will of course write about this or show fragments. Most likely also from Thierry. It is not always about who says it, but what is said.

But no matter how I try, and as difficult as I find it, I have serious doubts about its integrity.

That's why I don't like those characters like Maurice de Hond. He does mention the total madness but does not ridicule corona. His theories about fighting will probably work fine in practice, but it does that against any virus. If we are concerned about Corona then we should be very concerned about the much more dangerous flu virus. We don't, huh? So why with this least deadly and least dangerous flu virus ever?



VOX, the more radical version of the Forum for Democracy, real patriots who are literally at the forefront of the fight, is a party that I still have a little faith in.

In Catalonia, a number of power-hungry people remembered that Lerida (Lleida in Catalan) last week Quarantine 160.000 people because of some people who tested positive for that crazy virus. (something that is good news and is pushing the mortality rate down)

The men and women of VOX ran like pit bulls and demanded that this quarantine be canceled immediately. (source)

The judge therefore immediately put an end to the quarantine. (source)

On 6 June this year, we already reported that VOX is taking almost the entire coalition to court. (source)

Pedro Sánchez's future in particular is now in the hands of the Spanish judge.

The media and left parties call the Spanish court right. This is an excellent indicator that they are therefore independent and neutral.

See here our summary (Dutch subtitles) in which the leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal, Sánchez and the extreme left Iglesias of Podemos, speaks and does not hesitate to speak frankly about the dates and visits between Pedro Sánchez and George Soros.


Because Spain seemed to have been hit hard by the COVID19 virus in the beginning, it seemed as if VOX was also sleeping, shocked by the virus. But it didn't take long before they realized that one big political game was being played with Corona as a big smoke screen.

I do have the impression that they still think that this virus is dangerous. But that's every virus, right? This is only the least dangerous to affect elderly people aged 82 on average. That's something different from the flu. The average age there is 17 years lower. (65 years)

That Spain is one of the hardest hit countries is not correct. One keeps displaying absolute numbers while you have to calculate how many deaths per xxx number. In this case, most count the number of deaths per million.

Spain may have registered only 610 deaths per million inhabitants (at the time of writing). Belgium is doing worse with (still "only") 851 deaths per million inhabitants.

Brazil is also doing well, although the media wants you to believe otherwise. The media does not say that Brazil is a big country, something that they teach you at school. You should consider what you are watching when you turn on the TV. The country has a population of 210 million and has only 469 corona deaths per million inhabitants.

Take off the cheating and the fact that one is registered as a corona dead when, for example, one is in the final stage of cancer, and you have very little left. Separately. If the influenza would have been fatal, the normal flu, then the cause of death would be cancer, and not the flu.

Everywhere is and continues to be tampered. Sánchez, like Cuomo in New York, crammed together healthy elderly and so-called COVID patients. Then you boost the figure yes. A flu would also kill those people.

The whole corona thing and all those numbers are so irrelevant. They would love the people to die with bushes, but this pandemic never became and never will become a pandemic. Just a plan.

Also watch this short, but shocking, video from SKY last week (subtitled):


The future of the globalist and socialist, who chose to form a coalition with the extreme left, is entirely in the hands of the right.

From this judge to understand: Manuel Marchen

Judge Marchena
The judge known as “not to be intimidated”.

The second man of VOX is Javier Ortega Smith. A top lawyer, just like the FvD also has a top lawyer as second man, namely Theo Hiddema.

Smith has wiped out a number of bad political figures before.

Judge Marchen is known for not being intimidated in any way according to the headline of this article:

Here's a short clip of Ortega Smith for the patriots aficionados:


This top lawyer leaves no time unused for all this injustice, the absurd corona measures, demonstrable tampering with figures, the debates about Corona too late (just like in the Netherlands, France and Germany, debates about this were rejected in the initial phase) and the lies and irrationality of the government.

VOX advises citizens NOT to be intimidated by fines, “because they don't stand a minute before the judge. ”

Why don't we hear Theo Hiddema, once my hero, about this? 

The policy is just as insane as in the Netherlands. People no longer know what to do about madness. But VOX is a true opposition party. Even on the street, when they are stopped again by Antifa figures, they make themselves heard.

The emotion bursts from these patriots and Abascal gives the impression that he prefers to take some of these dangerous people by his neck.


Since the proclamation of the “State of Alert” on March 14, 2020, the Supreme Court has piled up hundreds of complaints and lawsuits against members of the government over the “corona crisis”. 

An avalanche promoted by only one party: VOX. (source)

The party that hardly anyone had heard of two years ago is now Spain's 2rd party and the party continues to grow with an army of patriots behind it. An impressive thing.

The charges come, in addition to VOX, from civil servants' unions, professional associations, individuals and families of people who are in quarantine or who have died.

Mainly Pedro Sanchez goes to the slaughterhouse and the allegations are crystal clear. Minister of Health, Salvador Illa also has a hard time. But also other ministers or the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Warnings and Emergencies, Fernando Simon.

Some of the charges are: "Crimes of serious carelessness leading to death", “Serious injuries through negligence", "Crimes against workers' rights for omission of security measures", "crimes against humanity", "illegal corona measures" (as is happening now with us in Amsterdam and Rotterdam) etcetera

Pedro Sánchez says that "Everything will come to nothing". Empty words. You can hardly say “VOX has a point there!”.

The Supreme Court now largely controls the future of the government, and Sánchez, so "sure of himself", may eventually regret underestimating the scale of the accusations.

The case is still open but that time will come. And whatever the final decision may be, the government is pulling on a political level suspicions about its acts and omissions.

DEFINITELY after Salvador Illa admitted that there was none from the start “Committee of real experts” appeared to exist. (source)


We have no use at all talking about things that we have known for a long time. Of course it is good in a normal situation that the Forum of Democracy tries to attract more and more people with their common sense policy, but at the moment Democracy is on the verge of collapse. Or actually… Democracy Netherlands has already fallen.

At such times, opposition is not just talking but also putting words into action!

Now we don't expect Thierry Baudet to pull Mark Rutte off his pulpit (although, he has my blessing), there is simply no time to waste! Especially not for parties that Democracy and Freedom in their name!

Take the people out into the street! Don't care about the ridiculous measures. Let Hiddema inform the people and convince them not to worry about the intimidation of this government by people giving hefty fines.

Maybe I missed something, but Theo Hiddema could have brought quite a few lawsuits against the criminals in and around our politics! He could also have clearly informed and helped citizens on how to initiate such a thing and he could have shared his knowledge with us. In times like these we need people with BALLS.

And although Spain seems lost, for the time being Sánchez is sleeping more restlessly than our own traitor Mark Rutte. Because if the judge rules, then the man is over and things in Spain suddenly look very different.

How on earth can that be so that Rutte and Hugocaust, among others, have not yet had any serious lawsuit on their pants?

Our opposition makes us burst. Nota bene opposition with a lot of knowledge!

The result is that citizens have to do it all by themselves. By setting up platforms and gathering people. Journalists no longer exist and those who started hopefully have been guided by money and are no longer independent.

Then the citizens have to do it themselves. Drop everything. That is difficult, is very intensive and it costs you more money than it yields.

And yet we do it. Because we love this country.

Parties like the Forum and the PVV could have helped us with that. Then no recess for a while. There is too much at stake!

It is difficult to estimate how many Spaniards are already awake. It is also very difficult to report on the exact situation in Spain because it is so divided and complex, also because of the autonomous regions.

Support CSTV

But this parody of Sánchez is not only very funny but so hit! Made by citizens.


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