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Orange: explain that to me!

Orange: explain that to me!

Many people with normal working minds know that driving on the left on a two-lane road is life-threatening.

In fact, most know that being intoxicated behind the wheel isn't right either.

Then explain to me how it is that the mind is turned off after we have been stripped of basic rights, from the moment a nasty flu broke out? (Whether this is spontaneous or planned, I'll leave it up for now) Explain to me why we are blind when basic human rights are systematically trampled on because of the same unpleasant flu? (Compare the results with those in Sweden where hardly any action was taken.)

Then a fuss is made about some sports heroes who also turn out to be health heroes. Footballer Wout Weghorst and handball player Yvette Broch are accused of not wanting to be vaccinated, while it is very remarkable that the mob is slavishly injected with liquids whose composition can cause unpleasant side effects. Astra Zeneca and Janssen are already sidetracked for these reasons, yet the believers unquestioningly take barely to untested cocktails from Moderna and Pfizer, without knowing what the long-term consequences will be.

Every year a new injection has to be done while vaccinated people have to function permanently with a mouth cap at a distance of 1,5 meters from each other. The syringe cannot be the argument for the desired flight to a popular holiday destination. After all, because of the well-known side effect of thrombosis formation, flies could be banned forever for the syringa.

And then many find Jasper Cillissen pathetic because he was put out of the orange selection because of a one-day snot nose. In comparison, Quincy Promes is allowed to play, although he is suspected of a stabbing. But as long as he is not found guilty by the court, he is (still) innocent.
Sywert's expression 'free of charge' would suit Jasper's snot nose better than that cap deal of the CDA psychopath. The snot nose has been proven (visible, audible and perhaps confirmed by a faulty PCR test) and the verdict has been passed: home. However, this millionaire has been completely wrongly excluded, but his sorrows bear no relation whatsoever to many moribund entrepreneurs of mostly small businesses, including catering entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, hairdressers and self-employed persons.

Jasper is furious and rightly so. In previous flu periods you stayed at home for a day with a cold, perhaps a few days with a flu. But during the corona hysteria, an officially declared invalid PCR test is coming to ruin, perhaps devastate the lives of many people. The elderly are locked up, social contacts are prohibited, companies are closed and Jaspertje is sent home.

Those companies in need do get state aid, I hear you think. Sure, companies like KLM (note: Royal!) will certainly get it. This multinational is largely French-owned and has executives who also collected fat bonuses during corona and we think it's fine.

When Orange plays in empty stadiums, it's because of its alleged contagiousness, which has been proven to be negligible in the open air. But after a goal, at least eleven players jump each other as if they were at Ferd Grapperhaus's wedding. Then the football field resembles Hugo's church on Urk, whose infections are still not chocolate brown in the MSM, because they have not broken out. Would extreme Covid outbreaks have taken place there: the daily newspapers were too limited in size to intrude on us with guilt.

The masses are surprised that Weghorst plays in orange without being vaccinated at all. That same mob finds it normal that Cillissen has to go home after sneezing twice. Emergency law is emergency law. We find it acceptable that there are 2 deaths every year due to medical treatment (failure?) and incorrect use of medication. But simply getting sick after a flu without a faulty PCR test has become a taboo. Using an existing and proven effective drug such as Ivermectin costs a lot of money and is therefore not in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry. HCQ had been banned before, was working, but also far too cheap.

People find it strange that Broch does not want to go to Tokyo, treated like a pariah. That this is her fate is her own fault, big bump according to the same 'men'. The 'people' apparently find it strange that both top athletes do not have an unknown poison injected into a very healthy body.

What I find strange is that critical thinkers do want to practice orange in the color orange despite the covid vicissitudes. Orange as an exponent of a dynasty with quite a bit of blood on its hands (source: The Orange Black Book by Gerard Aalders)

Dear Yvette, dear Wout, make the only correct statement: categorically refuse to wear orange. Wout in particular? After all, in a year's time, a ball will be kicked in Qatar, where the pernicious elite that are friends with the Oranges, figuratively piled up on a daily basis, of the slain slaves, continues to trample on and on for years.

Explain to me why the masses don't think beyond the scary world around the easy chair, snoring in front of the TV from which fake news is continuously spread.
Explain to me why it is not universally and continuously accepted that it has been scientifically proven that 1 plus 1 is simply 2.

Rients Hofstra

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