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Orban strengthens border protection against migrants

While Erdogan is releasing refugees towards Europe, Orbán is working hard to strengthen security and the fence on the southern border.

“It doesn't matter how many there will be. The Hungarian authorities will protect the border! ”, according to Orbán.

Turkey currently houses 3.7 million Syrian people vluchtelingen (4.5% of the Turkish population), which means that entire cities, villages and neighborhoods have been turned over. This to the great frustration of the native Turks.

Erdogan's frustration will definitely have played a role, along with the demand for more EU money, to release the refugees into Europe.
In addition to Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece are also tightening border controls.
18.000 migrants have already invaded Europe yesterday and Ankara is counting on 25.000 to 30.000 migrants to cross the borders until Sunday. Athens managed to stop 4.000 (mainly) men yesterday, with the help of tear gas, among other things.
Hungary protects its own southern border against hordes of migrants:
Greece and Bulgaria strengthen border protection:
What will the Netherlands do?
Erdogan demands a higher penalty

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