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Orwellian China and risk that we go the same way

In 1948 George Orwell published his book "1984"

In "1984" he describes living in a dystopian future, in which the state has banned all privacy and freedom.

That book, written as a warning, is seen by the regime in China as a guide to repression.

As in 1984, China is spying on its inhabitants through cameras, social media and Communist Party snitches.

The scariest of all is that we in the West see what is happening in China, but many here are blind to the fact that the same thing is beginning to take place here.

Our freedoms are protected by the constitution, but in practice Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. manipulate what you can and cannot see:

  • Videos on sensitive topics such as migration and crime are regularly banned by YouTube
  • Comments are sometimes automatically deleted if you say something naughty in the comment section
  • -Channels are sometimes deleted without prior warning, after the site has changed its TOS (Terms of Service) in the meantime to satisfy (Extreme) Left clubs.


"But it is not nearly as bad as there in China, is it?"you can already hear the Gutmensch calling.

Not yet! But we are on a sliding slope in that direction and our politicians and tech companies will make it happen if we don't pay attention.

Tarl Warwick - “China has literally become Orwell's 1984. That also happens to us if we don't pay attention ”

And that Constitution that protects us also seems to matter:


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