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Meuthe - The Henk Otten of the AfD

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Every political party must ensure that its core values ​​do not dilute as a result of takeover of power by "moderates" who want to draw the party to the "Political Middle".
Certainly all your core values ​​(Nationalism and anti-population) are very popular among your own voters.

The West German attempted such a seizure of power Mr. Meuthen within the AfD (Germany), against the more Patriotic / Nationalist East German Andreas Kalbitz.

Against the advice of AfD Parliamentary Leader Alexander Gauland, Meuthen decided to declare a vote within the AfD to expel Kalbitz because of his “Right-wing extremist past”. But that includes anyone who has any (ethno) Nationalist ideas about people and immigration in Germany.

Andreas Kalbitz was kicked out of the party with a simple majority of votes. Kalbitz opposed this and won at the Berlin court, which declared the expulsion illegal: The Kalbitz, popular in Brandenburg, thus regained his membership, with all the associated rights. Kalbitz can only be impeached by an AfD arbitral tribunal, the court said.

So with this gamble, Meuthen shot himself. And that was not the first time: Meuthen previously accepted a donation from Switzerland, a non-EU country, which goes against the laws on political donations in Germany.
Consequence: The AfD had to pay a fine of 270.000 euros, because of Meuthen's blunder.

As a result, Meuthen is increasingly on quicksand, especially now that doubts about his behavior are being expressed within the AfD.
Why does the West German Meuthen, which in its own state, North Rhine-Westphalia managed to win only 7.4% of the voters, try to ban the Kalbitz (23.5% in 2019), which is very popular in Brandenburg?

Meuthen belongs to the “moderate wing” of the Party that is trying to turn the AfD into a kind of FDP * 2.0.
Jörg Meuthen (AfD)

* comparable to the VVD


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