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Column: Our great reset - Towards a true democracy!

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Our great reset

Towards a true democracy!

More than ever, politicians prove and bring about the failure and destruction of democracy.
Not only in the Netherlands and Belgium, but almost in the entire western world.

It has of course been clear for years that this breakdown has been going on, but the corona hoax makes it very clear that this is the apocalypse (unfortunately not in the sense of the victory of good over evil) of democracy.

I am an analyst, not a political scientist, but by observing, experiencing and analyzing the political situation in the countries in which I have lived (the Netherlands and Belgium) and the country where I now live (Perú), all 3 (false) democracies, I have still be able to develop a 'cloudy' view of things.

Let's start with the Netherlands:

We can go to the polls once every 4 years. But who you are going to vote for does not matter at all. For a few weeks before the elections, politicians pretend to care about you and me and the welfare of the country. (Here, take it, a pen and a pad!).

But as soon as the election puppet show is over, the real puppet show begins. They will distribute the posts among themselves. They themselves determine who will be seated in which spot. A few figures change seats and the circus continues as usual. Has that ever been the result of what you and I voted for? No! Has anything ever been rolled out of what was promised during election time? No! And if it were up to them, that will never change.

Do you understand why the President of the United States, Donald Trump is bashed daily on radio, TV and in all the newspapers? That is the influence of politics on the press. They should write pro government. But not pro for a president who actually does what he promised during his campaign.
Yes, daááá, we cannot let that happen.

'Citizens will soon be demanding that we also keep our promises'.

Trump has mapped out his line based on everything he has promised and presented to voters. He carries out all his promises, or at least tries hard to do so. Maybe it is not everyone's will. But whoever does not agree will not vote for him next time.

Gosh, Eva Jinek, that looks like democracy!

Except for the FD, all Dutch newspapers are owned by 2 Belgian groups. And did you know that the ANP, the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (in 1934), the source from which almost all newspapers and news services draw most of their news, is now owned by Talpa (John de Mol)! There it is only about profit and good relations with the authorities.
NPO, NOS and even RTL news and all newspapers are nothing more than bells from the government.

But the political situation in the Netherlands is not nearly as crazy if we compare it with number 2 of my analysis:

(I had doubts about) Belgium!

I lived in Belgium for 20 years and it took me 10 years before I even understood the political system. We have to go to the polls once every 4 years. And then the most backward horror circus you can imagine takes place.

I call it the Un-united States of Belgium.
Belgian politics is so absurdly complex. There are so many different governments and countless members of parliament, all hanging like a millstone around the necks of the well-being and prosperity of Belgium and the Belgians. And corruption, they also know what to do in Belgium. In the Netherlands, the corruption scandals concern a bag of filled biscuits, whether or not justified, but in Belgium many members of parliament also have additional positions in shadowy non-profit organizations that are generously provided with liquidity by the government. And these funds are diverted or diverted by the members of parliament to destinations that should not be the destinations according to the statutes of the non-profit organizations.

But the indoctrination and brainwashing of politics against the people has descended deep there.
I have already suggested the solution several times to my friends, who almost all like to debate politics: a line through the government of Flanders, a line through the government of Wallonia, a line through the government of the German region, a line through the government of the Brussels region, one line through the Federal government and then continue as 1 country, with 1 election and with 1 government.
(In Belgium you are not allowed to vote in federal elections for someone from outside your region. So a Fleming cannot vote for a Walloon politician, etc. How absurd is that?)

But after my comments, my friends react as if stung by a wasp!

Give up Flanders? Never!

For decades, the battle between Flanders and Wallonia has raged to ensure that Flanders should be given more independent powers. Powers that the federal government should give up. It worked a few years ago. More powers for Flanders. Hoera! Flemish flag out! And the result? Has anything improved? No: More cabinets, more civil servants, more politicians and, above all, more taxes. And oh well, in the meantime everything continues as usual at the federal government in Brussels.

In the 20 years that I have lived in Belgium, I have really never noticed that politicians have done something for the country and for the citizens. Infrastructure, justice, police, finance and you name it, I have not seen anything improve in 20 years. The only thing that is always achieved is more oppressive rules with associated fines and tax increases.

I read several newspapers (mainly the headlines) and also Knack. I have never seen a political article that was not about hating other politicians or parties, the sharing of posts, the quarrels between parties, the quarrels between Flanders and Wallonia, the concocted talks and so on.

Have I ever seen a vision, proposal, plan for the country? Unfortunately, no, nothing!
Just their own games and their own interests.
If you have the time, read this column by Jean Marie De Decker, a wise (and therefore bashed) politician who could have been Baudet's grandfather and Pim's father. You will not understand the content of the column, but then you will understand my point.

And something about Europe:

It seems as if all citizens are so against Europe and the European government, but I think it is all caused by misinformation. In essence, it wouldn't be surprising if we had The United States of Europe with a central European government. But it is the local politicians who do not want this. They do want to keep their future MEPs perspectives and possibilities but not give up their local power.
There may be a lot to be said about the European parliament and policy, but the legislation that is made there is clear and clear legislation. The problem is that most countries are often allowed to keep their own legislation and not have to adopt most of Europe's legislation. That is why it is all a bureaucratic complex process. And that is why local politicians can pass the 'blame' on and off at Europe at will, but at the same time they continue to cherish it. Because there is of course a nice job in the European Parliament ahead.

But it can be even crazier.

The last 8 presidents of Peru have all been convicted and imprisoned for corruption. And I mean corruption at a level that we, Western Europeans, cannot imagine.

Perú could be the most prosperous country in the world. Virtually all types of mineral resources, ocean treasures and natural resources that exist are present in Perú.
Peru could have a thriving industry and agriculture of all kinds. They have all the raw materials in-house.
However ……
Mining, oil and gas concessions are sold for an apple and an egg to Canadian, Australian and even Chinese companies. Perú itself does nothing with all its minerals, metals, gold and other valuables. Industry is not here. Everything has been sold off and the Peruvians are (relatively) one of the largest importers of cheap Chinese junk products because they don't make and have nothing themselves.

Ah, sorry, wait a minute, the concessions aren't sold for an apple and an egg. That is not true: There are also a few dozen or hundreds of millions of dollars extra to be paid for, but that in a foreign bank account of the president and some ministers and top officials.

The behavior of governments automatically descends in society.

That is always the case and everywhere. Correct government, correct people. Corrupt government, corrupt people.

The officials just one level below see the behavior of their superiors and think it is only right that they should also be corrupt. It also happens at a higher level. And so it goes on, up to and including the municipal inspector or police officer who blackmails the shopkeepers and the street vendor who swindles his customer by quickly exchanging the banknote with which his customer pays for a counterfeit one and then indignant at the customer. to say that he paid with a counterfeit bill.

Voting is also mandatory in Perú. But all that happens after that is that one corrupt mess is swapped for the next corrupt mess.

“If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it” (Mark Twain)

The last time I voted myself was in 2002 for a brilliantly intelligent economist, clear thinker and doer. Unfortunately, he had already died, because she was murdered, because she did not want to have it!
Supposedly by an environmental activist because Pim had not spoken out against fur coats !!! Haha bahbah !!! If it had been cabaret it might have been funny.
Just find out who is the only person who can give orders to the BVD without informing the room. And find out how she felt about him. And then find out what else the environmental activist had up his sleeve and find out how delicately his family was put under the roof and how easily he got rid of it himself.

Towards a true democracy:

What is real democracy anyway? A real democracy is a people's rule, a society in which the people decide on laws and regulations. To my knowledge this does not exist anywhere in the world.

Instead, there is an indirect democracy, where the people elect their representatives who then decide on laws and regulations.
Unfortunately, over the years this has led to the situations described above and I think that there are very few Dutch, Belgians and Peruvians who feel that they live in an (indirect) democracy and that we are represented by the figures and parties on which they vote.

How do we arrive at a real democracy without parties, party interests, lies, deceit, clientelism, ignorance….

I have the following idea:

A radical change of the whole system. The Great Reset, Our Great Reset to a True Democracy:
Real elections where people are no longer voted for parties but for people. Now that seems to be the case, but that is all apparent. No, really real, person-focused elections:
From now on we will directly elect the prime minister and we will also elect all ministers.

Anyone can stand for election. For the position of Prime Minister and for all ministerial posts.

And let's face it, as a sniffed 3rd grade schoolteacher and, for example, a wise person like (God rest his soul) Prof. Dr. Bob Smalhout would stand for election for the Health Ministerial post, then I hope for Hugo that he has not already quit his schoolmaster's job.

In the current system you will only get to that box if you have licked up and kicked down long enough within the game. Qualifications, education or experience don't matter.
Someone who does not participate in the party-political mill, regardless of his or her qualities, can never acquire a ministerial post or even a seat in the chamber.

But what would you think of Kees de Kort (macro economist and BNR Nieuwsradio economics commentator) as Minister of Economic Affairs?
That can never happen in the current system because Kees does not lick himself into any political party.

But in the new system you might be able to vote for him. Wouldn't you rather have, say, a civil engineer as minister of infrastructure than the suckers and tutholas who have held this post in the Netherlands in recent decades?

And then the MPs:

That too is just a major incestuous condition. Room seats for our friends and if that turns out to be a complete failure, then a mayor or aldermen will take up the post.
"We need to rejuvenate", the PvdA once tried. But of course that had to be a symbolic person who already participated in the game.

A girl from the school desks was put on a room seat, now and then she changed seats in the political puppet theater, she continued to participate in the circus for years and except for gaining 30 kilos, she has never achieved anything. And after that, of course, she was given a nice alderman's post (she just missed a mayor's post) in Amsterdam. And that's just one example.

In most chamber debates you mainly see empty seats because, yes, that stuff, “I don't feel like it and I don't have time for that”.
And those who are present are playing with their phone call, which is more important than the democratic debate that is being conducted. (and the sad thing is that maybe that's true in most cases too)

What would you think of it if we simply select the 150 second MPs and 75 first MPs from the population at random? That might include a doctor, entrepreneur and engineer, as well as a road worker, farmer, toilet attendant, welfare mother and I know a lot.

Do you think that together they understand less about society than that incestuous mess that is there now? Do you not think that this real parliament can jointly supervise the ups and downs of the country and the behavior of ministers? (Belgium has something similar in important court cases. A people's jury selected at random.)

A reflection, because randomly selected, of the population. For 4 years, and then all back home and to work.
Fat salary, fine, but no additional positions, and then no chairman of a committee or mayor's post or redundancy pay scheme.

This system would be a perfect solution for the Netherlands and Belgium.
The only problem is:

How do we get that done?

Those in power who could change the system have no interest at all in changing the system. They are not going to saw through their own room seat legs. Even if a large majority of people would like this new system, I still don't know how to realize it.

I am not a political scientist or a constitutional scholar, but maybe there are people reading this who are and can provide suggestions. It can't go on like this! And if we don't do anything ourselves, another Great Reset will arrive. But that's not our reset and nobody wants that except for a group of billionaires.


Any form of democracy is simply not going to work in Peru. I am against dictatorships in itself, but Peru needs a form of government like China does. A kind of board of directors that remains in power for many years and sets out a long-term development for the country. Preferably, that board of directors should (certainly for the next few decades) not consist of Peruvians …… ..

Marcel van Tol

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