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Our Jasper has also lost his company

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Santen Bezorgt has been around for 10 years and we are celebrating that by stopping

Besides the fact that Jasper is committed to CommonSenseTV, and therefore especially for the Netherlands, Jasper also has a catering business. He has had success with his Restaurant with healthy food from the region. A wonderful initiative.

But Jasper is also hit hard by a government that carries out an irrationally irresponsible mismanagement.

“At the moment we are in the kitchen of Santen Bezorgt. The first healthy delivery restaurant in Haarlemmermeer. ”, Jasper says.

“And last April 1, we existed for 10 years. And we celebrate that by pulling the plug. ”

At its peak, Jasper employed 17 men.

Every ending also means a new beginning

Jasper tells how he also did not escape it.

“We are very bothered by the measures. You've probably heard in the news that the delivery restaurants are really busy. At the moment there are more than 100 restaurants on Thuisbezorgd and we are at the popular place number 4. ”

You immediately wonder how this should arrive at restaurants that are much lower in the list.

“Nevertheless, we are seeing sales decline. We do not see politicians making responsible choices either. In fact. The Netherlands has chosen to continue with this policy and that means that there are no prospects. ”

"It hurts even more that the staff have been fired and sent home in connection with the measures imposed by the government."

But Jasper also says that he really will not give up. And that is the mentality we need in our country.

Watch and listen to Jasper. It is clear that it deeply affects him, just like all those other (catering) entrepreneurs. The end of a family business, but also the beginning of a new beginning.


Jasper at CommonSenseTV

Jasper is known for his conversation with insurance doctor Koert van Rijn, one of the very first doctors who dared to go outside to give a rebuttal to the absurd measures that are unfoundedly imposed on us and that Jaap van Dissel dragged before the Disciplinary Court and by, among other things, reporting on the lawsuit against Tinus Koops,

He has also had long conversations with Paul Meijer of the Forza political party en Mordechai Crisis pain

Jasper was present at the anti-corona demonstrations and out of respect he was present at the silent march after the cowardly murder of Bas van Wijk in Badhoevedorp. 

I met Jasper after the so-called PIN murder in Hoofddorp at the end of 2019, of which he eventually also reported and was present at the trial. There are those things that grab you and that you will never forget. That case was one of them. A man who, just before Christmas and a few days before his retirement, is stabbed at an ATM for 50 euros by two unknown underage boys, while his wife watches. What should go through the next of kin? J

If you want to expose certain things, as we do, then this was one of a thousand we write about and you need to be able to put your emotions aside for a while. But that does not always work.

Fortunately. That means you are still human.

I'm afraid we have people in government who have put their emotions aside for good. And we will continue to fight against that.

Despite everything, Jasper managed to squeeze out another broadcast of The Jasper Experience:

At Jasper Experience episode 18


Jasper has his own YouTube channel and is a member of our common sense movement. He told me about a fun and original initiative that he can best tell about himself and that he will soon do.

Let's help him get his first 1.000 subscibers.


YouTube channel Jasper:

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