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A few days fewer articles: Our video channel and new website ..

For about 2 weeks most have heard me say: "Just a few more days and our new website and our own video channel are finished!"

But then another election fraud intervenes. And then this. And then that. And yet just subtitle that video because one has to see it. Or just an extensive article about the state of affairs here and there. So much is happening and there is so much important news.

But now really: In the coming days I will be difficult to reach and write less. We want the video site and preferably our new website to be there this week.

I read all the e-mails but will not answer them all (directly). Ultimately we want to get rid of those big techs and there are so many more reasons, such as the censorship.

Fortunately, we have a fantastic group of people who are also participating, so there will be plenty to read.

We are all independent and write independently. No one has ever interfered with another's article / video / column until now. We have a number of goals together that we will soon place clearly in the new About Us page and everyone else is completely free. And more importantly: We have no (political) interests.

Thanks for all your support! It is very nice to see how people are committed and want to cooperate to win this battle. We want to contribute our bit there.

You too? Familiar with WordPress or other qualities and do you want to participate? Please let us know.

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