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Scandalous! “That doesn't matter to me,” says Minister of Justice Sweden

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Morgan Jonansson replied that during a parliamentary debate on the increasing group rapes and robberies following his party's immigration policy, the Social Democrats

Read during this debate Richard Jomshof from the common sense party Sverigedemo Craterna (Swedish Democrats) a number of headlines for such as:

“112 children robbed in Gothenburg”, “50 young people (migrants) hold Växjö hostage” and “Mass gang rapes in Stockholm”.

"This is just a small selection and it clearly shows what Johansson's policy means ”

on which the Minister of justice softly replied, probably not knowing that it was clearly audible: "That doesn't matter to me"

Minister Johansson says this in minute 17:08. The entire debate is possibly. to follow with the Youtube automatically generated translation.

These words show how this kind of people like this Johansson and also Mark Rutte, Frans Timmermans, Angela Merkel and Guy Verhofstadt think. They look down and do not care about their people and even have great disdain for the lower and middle classes of Sweden, who are forced to live under such circumstances as a result of this destructive policy.

Every rape destroys an entire family. Every robbery ends with serious violence and psychological damage and every dead citizen who falls there is simply a consequence of unnecessary migration.

The figures worldwide show that a considerable percentage of these migrants are destroying and killing their own citizens. It is a fact. So why continue? Where is the logic?

In the same debate, Johansson compared the Swedish Democrats to anti-Semitic fascists from the 30s.

The fact that many Swedes rejected this massively is immediately reflected in the polls. These polls are from Demos head.

It may go bad with Sweden, and that is an understatement, in the polls the Swedish Democratne are now in the lead with 24% of the population. And this continues to increase because Sweden will also wake up. But whether it all comes in time for Sweden ...

The polls also showed that almost the whole of Sweden unanimously decided that this debate was won by Richard Jomshof.

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