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Oh THEY!!!! We want names!! UPDATE

Spread the freedom!

Oh THEY!!!! We want names!

'The absolute' state of things that we have to live with. Who are responsible for that?


The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Marxists, Zionists, Free Masons...

We want names!

Part 1: Barbara Spectre

With this knowledge we know no forgiveness!


Barbara Lerner Spectra

Barbara Lerner Spectr was born in 1942 in the USA and married Rabbi Philip Spectr.

Together they moved to Israel in the late XNUMXs, where Barbara was affiliated with all kinds of faculties as a philosopher.

In 1999 she settled in Sweden. (You know? The Saudi Arabia of Europe)


Philip Spectr was the rabbi of the Stockholm Synagogue there and in the meantime Mrs Spectr managed to obtain 40 million Swedish crowns from the Swedish government.

With these millions she founded the 'European Institute of Jewish Studies', PAIDEA called, for which she wrote the script in 2000.

This is the script:

Paidea is an ancient Greek word and means as much as 'education'

For example, the paideia in the famous cave allegory, which implies that Socrates and the puppeteers are authorities who know better what is good for the people than the people themselves.

And moreover, that the people are not good as they are, but must be exalted.

That idea, he says, leads to the disdainful attitude of many philosophers towards the people in the cave who refuse to take philosophy and science seriously and settle for fake news and illusion.

Barbara Spectr envisioned her institute to teach Europeans with Swedish taxpayers' money that it is time to completely transform the European continent.

This is necessary according to Spectr, because otherwise 'Europe will die'.

Endless hordes of immigrants and wide open borders for Sweden and all countries of the EU.

From Africa, Syria and Afghanistan.

And no exemplary migrants, no, only those who draw a large bill on everyone's mind and wallet are welcome in Sweden.

Migrants who pose a threat to women.

The rapes and beheadings no longer make the news.

We put below the most terrible examples that are hard to stomach but unfortunately the truth and nothing but the truth.


BUT the blond ladies there have already been brainwashed and programmed in such a way that they take to the streets to demonstrate AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE.

Check out these two Barbara Spectr fabricated Marxists who have chosen to fight for BlackLivesMatter over their own people and homeland.

One has a neck tattoo.

What would you listen to what a woman with a neck tattoo has to say I hear you ask, but these kind of 'white women' are opened with eyes at once to become foot soldiers of people like Barbara Spectr YOUR FAMILY, YOUR HISTORY, YOUR MOTHERLAND and YOUR DIGNITY to destroy.


Under the guise of education and preserving Jewish traditions, the Swedish government just gave away millions to Spectr.

However, the truth seems to be that a lobby pressured the Swedes and threatened to publicize that the Swedish Central Bank had traded in Nazi gold after WWII.

The lobbyists therefore called the Swedes anti-Semites and the whole world needed to hear that. But after two or three investigations on the Swedish side, no shred of evidence could be provided.

Yet the Zionist Paideia became about 4 million dollars (40 million crowns) shifted as 'friendly gesture' Barbara set to work diligently with the help of like-minded people to set up her ideal pluralistic Europe.

Normally this is called CHANTAGE.

The Swedish writer Balder thought so too. (His webpage has been taken down)

He picked up the findings of Swedish journalist Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist in 2017, after she simply traced the route the money had taken.

Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist

CARLQVIST: “When they were negotiating with the Swedish government, they told the government: “If you don't give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country .”

She is now a pariah, also because she is blatantly dismissed as an anti-Semite by the Swedish msm.

All this after Barbara Spectr herself says that:

“Jews will be the driving force behind transforming Europe.
Europe will no longer have the monolithic society of the last hundred years.
People will therefore loathe Jews, because WE play a leading role in the huge transformation of Europe.
But this transformation is NECESSARY. Without this transformation, Europe will DIE and perish.”



Question 1.

Why would Jews set themselves up to save Europe from extinction with a movement they founded, when it is well known that Jews are not known for their tendency to altruism. After all, they say this out loud in front of the microphone.


Question 2. 

How is it possible to sing a song of praise for MASS IMMIGRATION to Europe and at the same time maintain that this is necessary for Europe to 'survive', when this mass immigration IRREVECTLY leads to MASSIFICATION of the indigenous population to the conclusion of a white genocide within 50 to 60 years.

So how can the transformation Barbara Spectr wants be GOOD for white people?

Question 3. 

Why is multiculturalism good for Europe and America, but a very bad idea for Israel?

Why are endless swarms of beggars from Third World countries such a BLESSING for Europe, but a curse for Israel?

Rabbis openly refer migrants to infiltrators.

African migrants are refused entry in Israel. They are imprisoned in the Holot detention camp.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands thought it was a small club for them:

They can choose from three options:

Option 1: Back to Africa

Option 2: Travel on to Europe with the promise of admission + free papers for legal status.

Option 3: Stay in Israel, but with eternal imprisonment in Camp Holot.


We are being replaced.
We are in the middle of The Great Replacement.
We are ridiculed while being canceled as a race.

The appropriation of our word 'Paideia' as a term for instruction for our destruction is a chutzpah!

Like a murderer who shows with a chuckle that he just stabbed you in the back with your own knife.

Before the corona crisis, we already wrote a lot about Sweden. The consequences of this policy are indescribable, so barbaric.

Horrible Consequences of Uncontrolled and Facilitated Mass Immigration:


This is just a small sample of what's going on in Sweden's large, and some medium-sized, cities.

Sweden. In the big cities it is a well known fact that unaccompanied minors are more likely to be robbed than not if they go out on the streets alone.

But usually it doesn't stop at robbing and you are not safe with a group either. The beautiful Sweden of yesteryear? That no longer exists. Not in the big cities anymore. Why don't you ask the Swedes themselves?

The EU guidelines of the WHO/EU for our school teaching materials:

WHO and EU promote MASTURBATION for TODDLERS through sexual guidelines for schools

For the unbelievers who don't want to click:

You won't like it, neither will we. But this is what is happening to our society right now:

This is how they want to raise our children in schools. Do you like that? Fine! But are you against it? Then wake up! And the estimate is that hardly anyone wants this.

The texts below are from the EU/WHO


Infanticide is silenced by media and politics:

Infanticide is being silenced by the media

Not a cheerful article, but it should be known. People live in an illusion.

Spread the freedom!

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