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Pandemic of the unvaccinated

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Pandemic of the unvaccinated

A vaccinated and an unvaccinated one walked together in nature. A beautiful hilly wooded area.

But they paid little attention to that. They argued vigorously, almost to the point of arguing. You understand what!

Suddenly they saw a lion further up a hill. The lion had also seen the pair and was growling. Step by step the lion came closer.
The lion suddenly quickened his pace and came closer and closer. The vaccinated wanted to run.
But the unvaccinated man sat down on a tree trunk, opened his backpack and took out a pair of sneakers and tied them under.
The impatient vaccinated stood and looked at it and said to the unvaccinated:
“Do you really think you can run faster in those shoes than that lion???”
To which the unvaccinated replied:
"It's not about running faster than that lion, it's about running faster than you!!"

What I want to say with this story is that for the dictators who are doing this to us all, it is of the utmost importance that there are no more unvaccinated. Whether their instructions are imposed from above (I'll get to that in a moment) or whether it's just infinite stupidity…. That they just can't admit they've gone astray….

You have to draw that conclusion yourself. There are many opinions about this, a lot has been discussed and philosophized about it, but there is also a lot of evidence to be found and often published here on CSTV.

Why shouldn't there be any unvaccinated people left?

You should ask yourself that question. 85% of the Dutch, 90% of the Flemings have taken the poison syringes. And the problems are at least as great as they were during the start of last year's flu season, when no one had yet taken that 'all-saving syringe'.

And now those last 10, 15% of people have to solve all the problems? If that small group also allows themselves to be infected with that poison syringe, then the road to freedom is suddenly open????

Nobody believes that at all who still has one or two gray cells up there that still do it.

The real reason is that those in power do not want it to become apparent that there are few or no health problems among the unvaccinated with regard to the flu and the injection damage and that it is precisely the vaccinated people who are the worst.

The bastard wants to go door to door.

Aufmachen: spray in it or on the train…

Well, that's going a bit too far now. On top of that, bring these kinds of actions to my front door, there will be a lot of blood flowing.

So that's why there will be 2G and soon 1G, without a syringe you won't get anywhere anymore. They are already working on arranging that with passes and entrance gates. Like at the entrance of the metro station, if your pass does not prove (among other things) that you have taken your injection on time (every 3 months), the turnstile will not open. Not the pub's, not the theatre's, not the shop's, not the supermarket's, and oh, you know what, you can't enter the gas station either.

We will get you down!

But now coming back to the question of whether it can sometimes be imposed from above?!?!?!?!

You must have heard the bastard the young one say: “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”

Do you remember that a while ago almost all participants/causers of the world dictatorship all and everywhere shouted:

Build Back Better

I think we posted a video of that. That cry was not suddenly invented spontaneously in all parts of the world by the little dictators themselves. rutler took part in it himself! Klaus Schwab (the professor, rutler's close friend) dictated this catchphrase to be used everywhere in speeches.

For most people it is inconceivable that these same nonsense rules and measures are being rolled out all over the world and that all (so-called) democratic governments are cooperating with this. But make no mistake. This plan has been in the works for many decades. This has been prepared in many details. We have also often reported about this on CSTV.

If you are fluent in German and English, I recommend that you watch the video below in its entirety. If you have limited time or do not master these languages ​​(no Dutch subtitles), watch from minute 4.25 and listen to what dictators and other nitwits all over the world are suddenly spouting:



I don't believe at all in the theory that they accidentally went the wrong way and that they don't want to admit it. In my first column on CommonSenseTv almost a year and a half ago, I had already expressed my serious doubts about this.

The most relevant question recently posed by Gideon in the rivm's explanation to members of parliament was flatly rejected.

Gideon asked a question (for the 2nd time, because the 1st time it was not answered) whether the rivm and the cabinet still believe that the syringes are the 'road to freedom'. After all, that's what we've been told all along by bastard the young. However, that question was not allowed to be asked by (some asshole) bitch, her name is chick and is probably married to Mr. Uils.

Watch and listen. It takes 6 minutes but the most important comes in the last minute.



astra zeneca,

You know, that syringe manufacturer who made the (sp) invention with our tax money in exchange for the promise they would then sell them to Europe at cost price, has some encouraging news:

The Pandemic is over!

It seemed a bit strange to me that because in almost all European countries murder and fire are being shouted and all terrorist measures and much more misery are being reintroduced.

However, further investigation shows that Astra Zeneca has a contract that says that the poison syringes will only be sold at cost during the pandemic. They have now declared the pandemic over themselves so that they can now also walk in with the sale of poison syringes.


Think about this for a moment: With our tax money they have developed a poison syringe. Free and without risk for them. And now we can also pay them the top prize for the poison syringes. This must have been Bill's idea (you know, that philanthropic benefactor. Because he has his fingers in the pie there too)


Jasper has again made an informative Experience that you should definitely take a look at.

(Just a note to Jasper: you should know by now that it is forbidden to write the names of scum like the youngster with capital letters. I condone it this time but Cor gives you a yellow card inexorably 😉 :



Dear people, I am now in a serious dip. This isn't going to get any better. No matter how many truths come to light. No matter how many wrongs are exposed. No matter how many lies are exposed…

No matter how many demonstrators show up (about zero in Belgium, a few tens of thousands in the Netherlands, but in other countries sometimes 100 thousands or many more), they don't give a shit. The plan continues.

Where else can we go? What else can we do? Individuals can do nothing. The resistance should have come from companies and the hospitality industry. They should have drawn the line. But nice and cowardly participate with the dictators, because we get compensation anyway!!!

(which you and I pay out of pocket and give them the right to refuse us entry)

I just spoke to my sweet sister-in-law in Lima who has until December 15th to take a poison syringe, otherwise our own store where she works Closed!!!! The terrorism of the dictatorial regimes really knows no bounds.

What's left for us?

The syringe or the train?.....

Make no mistake dear people. This photo was still in black and white.

They are capable of anything. You may think that this kind of practice is a thing of the past.

I lived in Cambodia for a while and not so long ago the forefather of Hufter de Jonge (pol pot) had 25% of his own population murdered there. This photo is in color:




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