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Pandemic seller Marc van Ranst angry at BPOC2020

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Does van Ranst already see the mood?

Marc van Ranst, the Flemish pandemic salesman and media virologist, appears to be quite irritated now that the Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (BPOC2020) is actually going to take action and start working together with other countries.

The swindler who has terrified most of Belgium through his manipulative actions and his unfulfilled predictions is now accusing the BPOC2020 of intimidation, extortion of money and some obscure “crimes”.

He is not angry about donations or about “poor people being extorted money.” These people are not interested in that at all. It is precisely these kinds of people who are over everything.

No, Marc is starting to feel wet. And that's fun to watch. His Tweets are hilarious and infantile.

This self-righteous puppet will have to answer.

Figures like van Ranst are beings with an enormous ego and zero empathy. They only stand for one interest: their own interest.

Marc van Ranst is in the top 10 responsible in Belgium and the Netherlands for all the suffering that resulted from this failed attempt to fool the population.

Failed because the truth is catching up with Marc van Ranst. Of course too many people fell for his absurd talk and we are far from over the suffering that has been done to us and will still be done. As long as you're prepared for that, you can stay positive. The man has a lot of blood on his hands and will be tried.

How Marc van Ranst cheated? He himself explained it to you in 2019, before the pandemic, with pride and self-righteousness. In detail. Proud as a peacock. You can see that it is an empathetic being.

Listen to this manipulative scammer again:


Now he spits his bile on people who stand up to this tyranny.

He is furious at the BPOC2020 trying to uncover the truth.

But Marc, the genie is out of the bottle. The BPOC2020 is not your only problem.

The number of doctors, albeit far too late in many cases, and renowned scientists who are coming out with the truth is rising.

The media and Big Tech are doing everything they can to censor this, but that will probably slow down but not prevent the collective awareness of a large group of people.

Van Ranst knows that and so, as we are used to from liars and pathetic trolls, the BPOC, like anyone who questions this absurd crisis, is portrayed as an “anti-vax club” with “fantasy tribunals”. Always scolding. Never justifications. Never.

You can't substantiate lies.


Response BPOC2020

The Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry reacted as follows:

“The Belgian virologist Marc van Ranst has made libelous and defamatory statements on Twitter regarding the BPOC2020.”

“The BPOC2020 will not accept any attack on its honor and reputation. One of the lawyers of the BPOC2020 has this summons sent to mr. van Ranst.”

Clear language and perhaps the best way to respond as a Commission of Inquiry.


Not only Marc van Ranst tries to demonize people who proclaim the truth or want to have it on the table. Our own government also stated that the committee has “intimidating traits”. (source)

You must have guts. Lying to people, taking their freedoms, forcing them to put on ridiculous non-working mouth caps, destroying their souls and locking them up in the house and then commenting in a dangerous way on a committee that does listen to the citizens and has ALL the right to do this to undertake. That's called democracy.

Politics radiates without any shame that Democracy has long since been abolished and that the battle has already been won, but they can be wrong about that.

These kind of people are bad through and through. It is a pity that so many people are so used to freedom and cannot imagine that people in positions of power can be in and in Devils.

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