Parler is suing Amazon for violating antitrust laws

Social media company Parler today sued Amazon for violating antitrust laws and their contractual agreement.

The company, which was taken offline by Amazon on Monday morning, asked a federal judge in Washington state to dismiss Amazon's discontinuation of Parler services. Amazon hosts Parler.

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Parler argued that Amazon's move "Motivated by political bias" and is intended to reduce competition for the benefit of Twitter. Twitter is a customer of the Amazon Web Services division.

The warrant asked a judge to dismiss Amazon's closure of Parler's account. Parler argues that it is like pulling the plug on a living in hospital patient.

Amazon is trying to destroy Parler exactly "The moment it shoots up," thus described in Parler's complaint.

When Twitter announced two nights ago that it was permanently banning President Trump from its platform, conservative users began flocking to Twitter for Parler. The exodus was so great that the next day, yesterday, Parler became the number one free app to be downloaded from Apple's App Store ”, the lawsuit reads.

In recent months, Parler has seen an increase in popularity because there is no censorship there. Twitter is clearly taking a political side. In fact… With people like Biden at the helm, companies like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are becoming part of the world power.

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In addition to Amazon, Google and Apple removed the Parler app from the PlayStore. of the companies. Those companies accused Parler of posting content they considered dangerous on the platform.

The Amazon Trust and Safety team told Parler it would suspend web hosting because of the company "Poses a very real risk to public safety".

As of Monday, Parler's website appeared to be offline.

The move came after a small number of protesters broke into the Capitol building in the middle of the Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6 following a speech by President Donald Trump. The speech, in which Donald Trump in no way calls for violence, on the contrary even, is nevertheless (consciously) seen as the cause of the incident in the Capitol, but at the moment Donald Trump gave his speech at the White House, these people were standing long and wide before the Capitol.

We also know that this case stinks on all sides. (source)

Parler CEO John Matze said on Sunday there was a possibility that Parler could “Maximum one week” would not be available and they might have the company “Must build from scratch”. His team would seek an alternative web hosting service in the meantime.

John Matze - CEO Parler

Matze wrote in a post: “We have our software and everyone's data ready to use. Amazon, Google and Apple's statements to the press about the discontinuation of our services have led most of our other suppliers to also give up their support for us. ”

Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff said the drive and collaboration between Big Tech companies to remove Parler is akin to dystopia.

It is unreal where we have ended up.



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