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Peasant wisdom.

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peasant wisdom

As we have become accustomed to, it is again the government that is failing in its task. What we now also see more and more often is that the farmers are picking up the baton again. Our farmer friends teach the bunch of failures in The Hague once again the meaning of the word that they like to use in the House of Representatives. The word that all good politicians thunder over each other at to preach it often enough. Solidarity, we must do it together! Bladieblabla I'd be surprised if that bunch of papbrain heads can even spell the word.

Anyway, the farmers show themselves from their best side again and prove once again what kind of stuff they are made of. The farmer is stiff? I have no idea, in my opinion the farmer is in any case persistent, honorable, decisive, strong and an excellent problem solver. They prove this again in the next video.

This decisiveness once again clearly shows where the winning mentality is and where it is not. Especially not at the water boards. As we discussed their abominable performance regarding dike management earlier this week (see article It's sink or swim!). Is this video yet another convincing proof of the failure of the tax payer funded (another) government flawed product! It is not only the water boards that can be regarded as a waste product that devours taxpayers' money, but this also applies to the so-called “security” regions. Please take a look at the article below which was posted by the Limburger yesterday evening.
Water board foresaw extreme high water in Valkenburg

It goes without saying that we are seeing more and more recognizable patterns in this mismanagement. Personally, I can therefore only conclude that our farmers, but also fishermen, are the "canaries in the mine", as Thierry Baudet put it so well.
A man who always knows how to put his finger on the sore spot like no other is none other than Rypke Zeilmaker. In the above article (swamp or drown) a reader drew my attention to the clarifying video in which Rypke explains the problem even more. And he does this well, so here's another reference to the relevant video.

But there is also good news!

Early this morning I heard another typical example of a farmer's “put your shoulders under” mentality on the Gelderland radio. Farmers and truck drivers from Achterhoek are currently selflessly committed to supporting their fellow farmers and horse farmers in Limburg, which has been hit by water damage, but also in Belgium. Today, for example, a considerable number of trucks drive in and out that deliver roughage such as straw and hay bales. The poor animals in the affected areas will most likely have little to graze for the time being, so these supplies are desperately needed! See also the link below for the article by broadcaster Gelderland.
Farmers from the Achterhoek come to the aid of colleagues in Limburg.

And there's more! Since I don't just want to write about how and why we pay the noose around our own necks, I also want to add a touch of optimism to this article. It is essential that farmers support each other. But not only that, as Baudet points out in his speech, it is essential that we as citizens also stand next to, for and behind our farmers and fishermen. And as I wrote earlier, farmers are excellent problem solvers and they have provided us citizens with several tools to actually contribute something. Thanks to the article by fellow author Roon with his article Save the farmer. I saw the Telegram group for the first time Get it Local. Of course I immediately became a member and noticed a complete range of these kinds of "handles". There are really too many to mention right now, so I would advise anyone reading this to go and see for themselves what they can't find. For now I would like to briefly mention the following website.

This is how I ended up at the fantastic website via, via This site offers various options for purchasing products from a wide network of farmers, horticulturists and fishermen from our own soil. They also offer handy complete boxes with a very complete content, which more or less saves you from the endless supermarket terror! If you become a member, you will also receive an email every now and then with a special offer. For example, this week I received an offer to pre-order x number of bottles of cherry juice. This is to support an affected fruit farm that can only use 10% of their cherry harvest due to the heavy rainfall. This kind of action creates a wonderful “everyone benefits” situation. The fruit grower in question has been helped, the consumer has a nice product and above all a healthy product (which is useful in supporting your immune system) and last but not least. With such actions and platforms we can stand up en masse against the Great Reset creeps and greedy supermarkets and finally start drawing that line.

Let's be creative like all the people mentioned in this article who are each innovative in their own way. Let us also take an example of the genuine solidarity that I have tried to show in this article. Let's form a front.
Enough is enough!!!

Spread the freedom!

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