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Pelosi refuses to send impeachment motions to the senate.

Trump has to be removed from Washington, according to the Democrats, but what about the script?

It seems that Pelosi has decided to postpone the forwarding of the two charges against Trump for an undetermined time.

She is now trying to ignore the constitution by depriving President Trump of his constitutional rights, to defend himself, to prove his innocence and to get acquittal.

Nancy Pelosi has no Veto right.

She has no right to take control of the matter.

Step one is impeachment in the lower house (House of Representatives) and step two is a hearing and court session in the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi now refuses to send the motions of deposition to the Senate.

From a constitutional point of view, it is obliged to do so, but it is not stated anywhere that this should be done by return.

In principle, it can stretch this up to a month or two at most.

In the House, Democrats are in charge. They determine the rules there. Many Republicans are not happy with those rules.

But now it's the exact opposite:
Democrat Pelosi in turn finds it very annoying that she can no longer determine anything in the Senate. After all, Republicans are in the majority there and make their own rules.

Pelosi wants to enforce by extortion that the Senate follows its rules.

She wants to orchestrate the court session in her own way, if not, she will not forward her motions to Mike McConnell, leader of the Senate.

But according to the constitution, she does not have that right. It is now the Republicans' turn.

This is not to the liking of Nancy, who had hoped that the American people, but also the Republican Party, would meanwhile have turned their backs on President Trump and that the impeachment would be successful.

Nothing is less true.

Polls indicate that a majority of the American population will vote for Trump on November 3, 2020.







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Dems: WE DID !!
Pie delivery: Okay, that's gonna cost you…. $ 20.20

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