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In your face: Free Masonry=Illumunati ~ featuring Theodor Herzl and the Zionists

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Free Masonry=Illumunati ~ featuring Theodor Herzl and the Zionists

In Part 5 of our series we are going to put on our boots, because shiiii is getting deep!

After reading this article you will be dizzy by all input! But you were already sickened by the damage already caused by the figures below.

Volume 5: Theodor Herzl, Adam Weishaupt, Rothschild and their Zionists, Freemasons and the Illumunati.


People usually don't think beyond the word 'Illuminati'.

How the Illuminati are precise and Welke faces belong, which group is overrepresented and what the connections be among themselves, there dare one does not even agree thinking!

People don't look further than their noses, while the answers are really right in front of us.





At the beginning of the 19th century, some Masonic daydreaming about, in their own words, 'emptying Europe of Jews' in order to justify a colonized Palestine. A Jewish State.

At the end of the 19th century, it is said that British intelligence recruited Theodor Herzl, in the Viennese 'gentlemen's clubs' of Rothschild at the time of the Weimar Republic, for this purpose.



Theodor Herzl who actually Benjamin Ze'ev called, was a Jewish journalist and political activist who Zionism 'invented': to establish a Jewish state.

In 1889, this Austrian Hungarian married the daughter of a wealthy Jewish businessman.
In August 1897 he organized a Congress in Switzerland where Zionists from all over the world participated. Benjamin Ze'ev was the eerste president of the World Zionist Organisation.



Herzl (Ze'ev) found that 'adapt to the habits of original inhabitants of a country' does not help Jewish people forward, therefore Jews in the counter attack and establish a state of their own in Palestine. According to Theodor Herzl. He wrote about this in his pamphlet in 1896 The Jewish State.



Moses Hess (see part 3), friend and colleague of Karl Marx, published a book as early as 1862 'Rome and Jerusalem' in which exactly the same idea is put forward: the necessary emigration of all Jews to agricultural areas in Palestine. 'Desperately needed for Jews and all mankind'. Thus Moses Hess.

Following the assassination attempt, of the socialist terrorists 'Narodnaya Volya', on Tsar Alexander the Second in 1881 (see part 3) there arose a 'nasty atmosphere' in Russia between Russians and socialist Jews.



In the same year, Leo Pinsker, in turn, also wrote a pamphlet entitled 'Auto-Emancipation', in which he calls for fleeing as quickly as possible from Russian anger (pogroms) and founding his own colonies on Palestinian territory.



During Theodor Herzl .'s first three-day World Zionist Organization
were there such 200 delegations present, including his biggest supporter: writer Max Nordau, also a few Christians and international press mosquitoes, in addition to mainly Jewish businessmen and students. They heard Herzl exclaim:

“We are laying the foundation stone here. Zionism is the return to Judaism before we return to the Land of Israel.”



Theodor started the Zionist newspaper 'The World' and initiated negotiations with the sultan of Turkey on Cooperation to Acquire Palestinian Territory to a autonomous to establish a Jewish state. the sultan refused his cooperation.

Herzl then pinned his hopes on Great Britain that a Jewish state liked on British soil: the Sinai Peninsula. But also this project failed.

The British gave as option yet to start a Jewish state in Uganda, East Africa, but that woke it up horror of the majority of the Zionists at their 1903 Congress fights



Theodor Herzl was unable to do this conflict to appease and he died of heart failure at the age of 44, near Vienna.

Throughout his life, Herzl kept countless diaries at.



A few quotes:

“Rich Jews reign over the world.
The fate of all governments of all nations rests in the hands of these wealthy Jews. They are the ones wars start between countries and as desired there will be again vrede founded."

“If the rich Jews to sing and dancing the leaders of all countries, meanwhile, the rich Jews richer.” -Theodor Herzl-

Herzl wanted non-Jews, goyem, to realize his dream of a Jewish state.


Jewish Theodor Herzl was more than willing to orchestrate Zionist pogroms to gain support for his dream. catalyze. That's how he wrote.

The goyem he anti-Semites calls, would subconscious, according to his diaries, if puppets to cooperate his goal to achieve, “if only the goyem would become sufficient” stoked by Jews to engage in anti-Semitic behavior.”

The more 'provoked pogroms', the better. Then the call for a Jewish state of its own would be better heard and understood.

“It is essential that Jewish suffering gets WORSE.
This will help us realize our plans.” According to Herzl.

“I have a fantastic plan: I will
incite non-Jews to expropriate all wealthy Jews and take all their property.
The anti-Semites will kill us that way assist to suppress and to intensify the persecution of the Jews.”


“Anti-Semites will be our best friends.” -Theodor Herzl-

“It's an excellent idea to respectable and knowledgeable anti-semites as trustees to expropriate and cash in on all property belonging to Jewish people.” P.83 diary

“Anti-Semites become friends we can count on. The anti-Semitic countries will become our allies.” p.84 diary



The great majority of Jewish people found Zionism an attack with genocidal implications for Jews and Judaism.

After Herzl's publications, 500 leaders of Jewish communities a petition who championed ZIONISM illegal to be declared as being a 'wicked MOVEMENT'.

Herzl's congress in 1897 began with music from Wagner's Tannhäuser and the Protocols of Zion were adopted. These protocols describe how world domination should be accomplished.


First edition of the Protocols.
'The great within the tiny and the Anti-Christ'


The State of Israel was finally established on May 14, 1948. The first Prime Minister of the Jewish State was David-Ben Gurion.



The 'Protocols of Zion' were written by Zionist Freemasons Adam Weishaupt and co.

However, some argue that the Protocols of Zion were cobbled together by Russian conservatives to stir up hatred of Jews. However, they forget to mention that Theodor Herzl, according to his own diariesis self was out to prod anti-Semites in Europe Tegen Jewish people.



Adam Weishaupt came from Bavaria, Germany.
After the death of his Jewish father he came into the care of Baron Johann Adam Ickstatt and was raised by Jesuits.


The first Jesuit as Pope: Pope Francis


Banned in 1773 Pause Clement XIV 'de Order of the Jesuits', then Adam Weishaupt began 'the Order of the Perfectionists'.

Professor Adam Weishaupt drew up the plan for his 'Order' in 1773 at the request of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) – Ancestor of the Rothschilds



The Jewish-German banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild amassed with money heborrowed' of a German prince a big fortune.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born the son of a goldsmith and antiques dealer, who is also a money changer, something more Jews did at the time. That money exchange particularly interested Rothschild and he decided to work at the Oppenheimers Bank in Hanover. There he made such an impression that he soon became a junior partner and made enough money to take over the business from his now deceased father. He changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild, to the red shield that hung in front of his shop.


Forefather of the house of Rothschild, who was actually called Bauer, Mayer Amschel Rothschild


Thanks to his contacts at the Oppenheimer's Bank Rothschild soon had business connections with Prince Wilhelm IX von Hessen-Hanau, one of the many princes at the German court.

When Napoleon advanced, the wealthy Prince Wilhelm decided to be power at Rothschild te store, in case he ever had to flee. Rothschild got the jewelry collection and a lot too IOUs of the European monarchs who had made use of the German army. Rothschild immediately sent his five sons around it money te Interior.

This so-called 'borrowed' money Rothschild then used for investeringen and to zelf to provide loans. Much of it capital went to son Nathan, who made a lot of money with it in London.

Rothschild had five sons and five daughters. The daughters got married bankersThe sons themselves were brought up strictly to become good bankers. Amschel became a banker in Frankfurt, Solomon in Vienna, Nathan in london, Calmann in Naples and James in Paris.

When the ancestor of the Rothschild house died in 1812, REQUIREMENT he through his will that the high positions in the banks ONLY were allowed to be held by (male) Rothschilds, for as long as the Rothschild dynasty exists. The eldest son of the eldest son became the head of the house. was also determined that family members who decided to challenge the will should immediately uit the family would be evicted.

At the request of this Mayer Amschel Rothschild and with the help of (in hindsight probably a fictitious person) Count of Saint-Germain (Master Rakoczy) and Baron Adolph Knigge (a prominent Freemason who did not join until 1780 and left the order in 1784 after Adam Weishaupt for having accused Jesuitism) began Adam Weishaupt 'the Order of the Perfectionists'.

Freemasons address each other with the word 'brother'.

Weishaupt took the name “brother Spartacusand renamed his order to:

                'the Illuminati'

De organization structure of the Illumination, with locally operating cells that CANNOT or so little may have been aware of each other's existence (for which the structure of the order of Jesuits probably Model has stood), was later taken over by, among others, OCCULTISTS. (Satanists, Luciferians)

It was not until 1777 that Adam Weishaupt lid became of the Masonic Lodge'Theodor zum guten Rath', in Munich, where he tried to be Illuminati Thoughts into the doctrines of Freemasonry. He also used the freemasonry to recruit members for his own pseudo-masonic lodge.

The real purpose of the Illuminati was "vague" and shrouded in mystery to say the least.

Because Weishaupt anti-church wash and anti-royalist had feelings (although money that through this royals was more than welcome), some assumed it was some kind of proto-communist organization concerned which one revolution wanted to accomplish.

In 1784 plotted the Illuminati a coup against it House of Habsburg, but the conspiracy became foiled by police spies who had infiltrated the order on behalf of the king.

This led to the banning of the Illuminati in March 1784.


De Catholic Church has banned Freemasonry in eminenti apostolatus since 1738, but the Freemasons welcome everyone, even though many lodges are against having women in certain lodges these days,'sisters', to participate.

All members recognize the existence of 'the Supreme Being'. (This, however, should not be called Jesus, God, Allah, etc.)

Private lodges that are bounded by state, province or country borders are listed under supervision of regional lodges, called Grand Lodges or Grand Orient. These lodges do not necessarily have to early in the.



The Lodge meets regularly. New members are elected at these meetings, leadership is assigned annually, their records are discussed, correspondence and accounts reviewed, and the balance sheet is taken.
Charity events are also organized there.
In addition, ceremonies are held where masonic degrees are distributed to members and lectures are also often on the agenda.
The meeting ends with a formal dinner, often festive, with singing and drinking.
What there all on it menu state is not mentioned.

There are many strict ancient rules where every Freemason resides, on great of, should adhere to.
For example, the degree you have obtained must be kept secret. the 'Code of Silence'.



Free Masons (Freemasons) do these promise during their initiation rite which you must undergo when you are approved after a secret and anonymous ballot during which 'balls' are collected. Without giving a reason, a 'black ball' make sure you are rejected as a candidate.



Freemasons make extensive use of secret hand gestures, handshakes, signals, signs and symbolism.

They also have their own secret language: From Pigpen Cipher Key.



Free Mason Lodges in Israel






Free Masonry is based on the allegory about Hiram Abiff who was appointed by King Solomon
to build the Temple in Jerusalem (Israel). 1000 years before Christ.
aka Mount Zion.


Hiram Abiff was also called the 'Son of the Widow'.



The Holy Temple was built around the 'stone tablets' bearing the 'Ten Commandments' and thereby to house the Holy Presence of God.

King Solomon claims to have received the design of the Temple directly from God.
Hiram also knew of the secrets of the divine plan.

The construction of the more than 15.000 Masonic Lodges of today are based on the biblical design of Solomon's Temple.

Solomon's Temple and Mount Zion are sacred and that is where the word Zionism comes from.

To have a exclusive right on Jerusalem is of great importance to be able to visit the Temple of Solomon REBUILD.

Worldwide there are over 6 million Free Masons who think they are spreading the Light, but in fact they are very afraid of the light.

In 1446 started William St.Clair with the construction of the famous Rosslyn chapel in Scotland, which was eventually 'renamed' as 'Masonic Lodge'.
It was actually it headquarters of the Templars, also called the Temple of Yahweh called.
(Yahweh is the name of the Jewish God)

Under the watchful eye of Oliver St.Clair the Temple was finally finished in 1480!



The St.Clair family devised their own Masonic system.



In 1736 William St.Clair became the first Master from the Masonic Lodge. He was connected to the secret society 'Prieure de Zion'. Eand Zionist Masonic Order.



The infiltration of the Masonic Lodges started quite early in the 1540's.

The Free Masons have begun passive to hire members who CANNOT had a certain 'construction background' such as:

Bankers, scholars, landowners, magicians and architects.

These kind of people desperately wanted to belong to a Lodge even though they didn't come from the right environment.


Free Masons Hall, London


A symbol can be seen above a pillar of the Free Mason building in London. The symbol of 'Global Power'. (Global power)
A globe caught in a net.






Also on the Free Mason's Hall it reads, in Latin, that all Free Masons must to obey and their membership secret have to keep: the Code of Silence.
Even after they have gained insight into the true motives of the Masons.



Also on the same building above the main entrance in the Hebrew carved out:

Holy for Yahweh



It was written by a rabbi in the Torah. The text is called 'The Holy Crown'.

And reveals the ideological origin of the Free Masons.



The Franco-Scottish Masonic system consists of 33 degrees divided into 7 classes.

There was reportedly a 33-step staircase in Solomon's Temple.



This Franco-Masonic system is it most used system worldwide today.

In their propaganda videos, only the Freemasons are in ceremonies en processions shown, but in fact these gentlemen are often willing pieces tools in the hands of united economic forces behind the scenes that all the policy determine and the couches to manage.
Most members are themselves CANNOT aware of the bloody history of their organization.

They wanted to become a Freemason for their CAREER they wouldn't make it to the top without membership.

The Free Masonry originated in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, has the power over everything.

Ingolstadt, Bavaria, where 28-year-old Adam Weishaupt started his Illuminati order.

This order began on May 1, 1776 and was completed in 1779 through the adoption of a number of carefully selected Masonic ordinances. linked to the Free Masons.

Their most famous slogan is:




The Illumunati want to be free and independent.

The freer the Free Masons are, the more the non-Free Masons have to live as slaves.

to people to lead the garden and in the to lure a trap the Free Masons pretend they are the 'Angels of Light' and that all the talk about Free Masons and 'the Pissed off' and their 'evil intentions'to be nothing but manifestations of people 'their sick imagination'.



The great seal (one eyed pyramid) is still on the dollar bill. This dollar bill was introduced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the 1933 ordered the pyramid to be depicted on the one dollar bill, 144 years after the United States Congress accepted the pyramid as the symbol on the grand seal.

The Great Seal means that the Free Masons have and hold all power in America, regardless of who is president.

Roosevelt was a 32st degree Free Mason.


The pyramid is made up of 33 stone layers.

Under the pyramid on the dollar bill is what the Free Masons aspirate:

Novus Ordo Seclorum – New Order of the Times



The first Free Mason Lodges were already seen appearing in the colonies early 18th century, who called colonies later de United States uit. These lodges amassed a lot quickly , thanks to, among others, Free Mason Moses Hess and Free Mason J. Bush.
13 of the 39 signatures under the
United States Constitution were signatures of Free Masons.


George Washington becomes Master Mason, August 4, 1753


There was also theAnti-Masonic Party'. A political party unexpectedly fared very well in the polls and even kicked it up to third party of the USA. The founder's name was Thurlow Weed.



many denominations were strongly opposed Tegen the Freemasons: including the Methodists, Baptists and the Presbyterian Kerk.
De Anti-Masonic Party Crochet in on the big restlessness which arose after the probable murder on a construction worker.

By the time worker william Morgan suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth in 1826, the Free Masons had an finger in the pie on a social, economic and political level.

William Morgan was a simple laborer (coincidentally a mason) who had infiltrated a Free Mason lodge and mentioned here and there that he would publish a book on the secret tactics of the Free Masons.

The Free Masons, gripped by fear, panic, and anger at the book, began to harass Morgan for this.



But William Morgan knew nothing about it: his book about the cryptic ceremonies en rituals had to and would be published by his friend David C. Miller. In which William proves serious 'rottenness' would to reveal.

The printing company was then turned on by a vigilante group destroyed en in brand stabbed.

William was jailed for a minor offense (a $2.65 outstanding debt and failure to return a shirt and tie he borrowed from the owner of the local tavern).

He was released on bail that same evening. His bail was found to be paid by Free Masons, including Loton Lawson.

Eyewitnesses saw that he was quickly put in a carriage thrown and after that William Morgan was never heard from again.
His last words were reportedly:Murder!!'

The Free Masons Who De New world Order in front were also behind the French revolution and they created it Socialism.

Members of the Grand Orient Lodge became ministers after the February Revolution of 1848.
In 1849 all major socialist leaders were suddenly member of the Grand Orient.

Socialism and Free Masonry are one and the same!



Free Masons were behind the Russian revolution and created it Communism.



Politicians, industrialists and military kingpins reached a compromise during a meeting with the czar, but many of them were secretly behind closed doors each other's allies (Free Masons) and swore semen against the czar.



Sneaky Free Masons with the still smiling Tsar Nicholas II, who was later exiled and murdered


In 1912 the secret Free Masons were founded in St Petersburg.
And soon had more than 300 members.



Jewish lawyer and politician Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky secured a high position in the government and plotted an anti-tsarist coup. He was a key figure in the Russian Revolution from 1917. After this February Revolution from 1917 he held several ministerial posts until he and the rest of the government were overthrown by Lenin and his Bolsheviks during the October Revolution in 1917.  (See part 3)

(Source: Revolution through Guilt, The Radical Unification of the Earth)

The Free Masons are also in control of the EU. (European Union)



Freemasons present themselves as 'show' and 'honest', purportedly concerned only with charity.

But there's no way that a wise and honest person would want to be a Free Mason at all.

A member of a Masonic Lodge cannot be wise and honest at the same time.
If he's a Free Mason and intelligent, he can impossible be honest.

This is especially true of the communists.



The Free Masons in the EU to target du moment wreaked havoc, without a single resistance. In the meantime, there is also a call to keep track of the numbers of Free Masons in the EU deliberately discontinued in Strasbourg.

The Free Masons are convinced that displaying their SYMBOLS a particular 'low frequency' generate energy. The influence of this energy on the environment is NOT POSITIVE.

The British Free Masons took the Egyptian Obelisk, which originally belonged to King Tut Moses III, to London.



Cleopatra's Needle stands at the Victoria Embankment next to the River Thames.
The obelisk was placed on September 13, 1878, after being transported from Alexandria.

Free Mason Dr.Erasmus Wilson paid for the expensive transport, which killed 6 men in the Bay of Biscay.



The obelisk symbolizes 'the Sun'.

We see Masonic 'obelisks' ('Greek for pointed instruments') everywhere.

For example in Munich, Germany, Toronto, Canada, New York, USA.

In February 1881, among others, Freemason William H.Vanderbilt left an obelisk, 69 feet high, rise in New York in Central Park. Behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.



The obelisks (the 3 Needles of Cleopatra) of London, Paris and New York originally stood at the 'Temple of the Sun' at Heliopolis in Egypt.

black scorpions take shelter under these obelisks.

The scorpion is a important symbol for the Freemasons.



When the Sun is in the sign of the constellation Scorpio, important dark things happen, such as:

~Implementation of the Soviet regime on November 8, 1917

~In November 1993, the EU was established.

Also Architecture is used by the Masons to NWO to establish.
Like the construction of theinvisible Temple' (in front of non-Masons)



Also, Free Masons kabbalist magic applied to the society te undermine.
Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish tradition integral to the Torah and is often seen as the 'aim' of the Torah.

Two other important ones pillars of Solomon's Temple are'stolen' by Freemasons.
The two pillars Boaz en Jachin imagine Isis en Osiris.
(Isis is the wife and sister of Osirus, who God of the Underworld est)

The Free Masons rule science, cultural life, economic development and politics.

Goyem can also become Free Masons. These are, according to Theodor Herzl, just pigs that don't know what they're doing.



Nathan de Rothshild 1802 founded in 1802 The Lodge of Emulation up in London.




James en Amschel de Rothschild:
In 1840's these Rothschilds became members of the Lodge the Supreme Council of France.



Banker Ferdinand de Rothschild founded the Ferdinand de Rothschild number 2420 lodge in Buckinghamshire, England.

Leonard de Rothschild was recruited during his studies at Oxford by the leader of the Round Table lodge: Lord Alfred Milner.


Alfred Milner


The Round Table Lodge


B'nai B'rith Lodge


Pope Francis visiting B'nai B'rith

According to Moscow, B'nai B'rith is superior to all other branches of Free Masonry. (see part 2)

B'nai B'rith operates like Free Masonry within the Free Masonry and was founded on October 13, 1843, by 12 Jewish Free Masons in St Germain Coffee in New York City, and was initially called 'Wunderbruder'. (Brothers of Miracles)

Together with Mr. Rothschild they form the 13 bloodlines of the Illumunati.

The most 'evil' Free Mason was Albert Pike, eldest of six children of Benjamin and Sarah Pike, who actually Benjamin Chase was called.

This Jewish lawyer became geboren in 1809 in Boston and did not become a Freemason.



On January 2, 1859, he obtained a high degree and eventually made it to
Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council.

“Free Masonry members always have a important role played in the history of ours nation.” Read about Pike in the American Museum.

A statue has been erected to Albert Pike in Washington DC
There he is renowned for his functions as a lawyer, translator, philosopher, scientist, writer, philanthropist, soldier and poet.

His Illuminati name was Lumod Enhoff and he was called the Devil of the 19th century.
Lumod, who was also a Luciferian (Satanist), was obsessed with the idea of ​​world domination.

Satan (Hebrew: שָׂטָן śāṭān, “adversary”) is the name of the devil in Christianity. That the devil is called Satan, is written in the New Testament. He is often seen as a fallen angel or the fallen archangel Lucifer, who was cast out of heaven by God when he rebelled against God.

Pike wrote about Lucifer:

“Lucifer the light bearer, weird name for the Spirit of Darkness.
Lucifer, the Son of the Morning. It is He who spreads the Light.”



Albert Pike wanted to three World Wars en two big Revolutions happen, which would pave the way towards a 'World Government'.



Islam and politics Zionism will destroy each other, Pike said.




On Albert Pike's notepad we read:

'We, the Free Masons, let Nihilists en atheists loose on society and the horror that will arise from this shows the effect of total wickedness (Atheism) and the source of absolute cruelty and the most bloody turmoil.'



'Then citizens everywhere will feel called to finally to postpone against the ruling minority, but they are already strayed from- and disillusioned through the Christianity en WITHOUT kompas lost.'



'And not knowing whom or what to adore, they shall it be Light go see through the universal manifestation of the doctrine from Lucifer.
This event follows the destruction from the Christianity and the Atheism, both become defeated and at the same time terminated. '

Regards, Appie Pike






David Rockefeller Jr. said in 1994:

“We are about to move on to 'global transformation'.
We just need one major crisis and the mass will the NWO accept."



People don't think beyond the word 'Illuminati'. How the Illuminati are precise and Welke faces belong, which group is overrepresented and what the connections be among themselves, there dare one does not even agree thinking!



This phenomenon may be caused by brainwashing (i.e anxiety to step on a few toes), but worse it arises from pure disinterest en laxity.

The making of clear observations quickly leads to the age-old stamp: anti-Semite!



The Free Masons have, among other things, the government, politicians and the half in their pocket, because of these three puzzle pieces we, the people, are in a permanent state of Denial.



People don't look further than their noses, while the answers are really right in front of us!!



Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise said in 1855:

Free Masonry is a Jewish stronghold. The history, degrees, decor, passwords and explanations of which are Jewish from start to finish.

The New York Tribune, October 28, 1927.


Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise


There are two main chief rabbis in Israel.

The Rabbi of the Ashkenazi Jews and the Rabbi of the Sephardic Jews.

The Askhenazi Jews mostly came to Israel from Germany and Eastern Europe. The Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal. These two groups don't mix well.

Especially the Ashkenazi Jews end up in high positions everywhere.


neturei Map (Hebrew: נטורי קרתא , Guardians of the City), in full Neturei Karta International – Jews united against Zionism, is a Haredi Jewish organization (also referred to as ultra-orthodox jewish) who are known for their peaceful struggle against Zionism.

De stichting of Israel is considered disobedience to God: only the Messiah, and thus CANNOT a group Zionists, would the Jewish stanot allowed to recover. Find these ultra-Orthodox Jews.

In the eyes of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews the activities of the Zionists also constitute a outright provocation to the Arabs, of which innocent Jews could (could) become victims.



Neturei Karta approve of Zionists' work towards a Jewish state af. According to them, Jews should loyal subjects belong to the authorities of the nations among whom they dwell.

Their positions are directly opposed to Theodor Herzl.



On July 18, 1949, their rabbis Amran Blue en Aharon Katzenellenboge  a memorandum to Secretary General of the United Nations, in which they urged them to 'bescherming against and redding of the dominion of the Zionists in those ways that are good in your sight.'

Neturei Karta is convinced by their faith that there can be no lasting peace as long as the State of Israel exists; they support a Palestinian State.

In October 2005, they stated that the then President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was only against the political ideology was of Zionism, but CANNOT Tegen the Judaism or the Jewswhether or not in Palestine.

The various factions of Neturei Karta publish some weeklies with Torah literature, almost always focusing on the struggle against Zionism. For a long time they also issued press releases.









See you at Part 6!!



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