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Pfizer BioNtech vaccine causes facial paralysis

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4 volunteers are struggling with one facial paralysis after the 'jab from hell'.

After having it administered Pfizer BioNTech stuff developed among the participants Bell's Palsy Disease.

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) says that people have indeed contracted facial paralysis during test phase 3 and that none of the placebo group showed anything like it.

The condition resembles one stroke where half of the face hangs and the muscles relax.

It also happens with Bell's Palsy that the whole face becomes paralyzed.

The FDA claims, however, that there is no indisputable evidence is that the paralysis of the participants was caused by the Pfizer vaccine. Moreover, it will go away on its own, ”says the FDA.

'We can only decide whether it is indeed due to the BioNtech vaccination or whether there is a coincidence certainly know once the vaccine has been dispensed to larger parts of the population.', says the federal government agency that monitors the quality of food and medicines in a broad sense.

84% of candidates say one or the other side effect to have experienced.

63% cite fatigue in response to the shot.

55% complain about it headaches.

32% say cold chills to have received the vaccine.

24% experience severe joint pains.

And 14% received high fever.


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