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Farmamafia versus ignorance

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Covid-19 does not appear to prevail next to, but instead of the flu. Along with SARS, MERS, and the common cold, they are all four corona family members from each other.

Had Covid-19 not been invented, many current corona deaths would have died from the flu. The flu is always prevalent in the winter months, the flu kill count starts with zero every time after the summer.

Now with Covid-19, the RIVM continues to count.

Was Covid-19 Invented? Probably.

There are some ultra high-quality laboratories in and around Wuhan in China. There, very dangerous viruses are used in secret and in extremely secure areas.

Why actually? What does science want to start with life-destroying pathogens, other than a biological and / or chemical war? (-Wikipedia: 'Bio safety level 4 (BSL 4) The organisms that are worked with here are contagious and deadly and there are no medicines or vaccines available (see Ebola virus).

An exception to that rule is the smallpox virus; despite the fact that there is a vaccine against it, it is still used in a BSL 4 laboratory. To prevent any possibility of the organism escaping, the lab is a hermetically sealed 'box' made of stainless steel sheet. The walls, ceiling and floor are welded together. The work takes place in safety cabinets or isolators and the people who will work there wear overpressure suits that are disinfected in a decontamination shower when they leave the room ')

Then the question automatically arises among laymen: why those dangerous activities without available medicines / vaccines. It is known that the dangerous variant of a harmless Borrelia bacterium was developed in a lab and escaped (or was released), with all the consequences that entails.

As with the flu, almost always very old people and those with underlying ailments are overly vulnerable. Healthy people can also get it, but they don't die from it. People who take preventive zinc, selenium, vitamins B, C & D and take some drops of CBD or THC cannabis oil every day, are not potential victims. If, like people in the risk groups, they nevertheless develop unpleasant symptoms, existing medicines such as HCQ and above all Ivermectin are very effective. Because they are cheap, in stock and not (anymore) patented, they are banned.

We have to expose ourselves to barely tested (normally new drugs take up to 3 years to survive test phase I to III) vaccines. After even these kinds of new drugs have been released, there is still no guarantee that unpleasant side effects, especially in the long term, are not to be expected. Within six months, the pharmaceuticals messed up a vaccine and immediately stipulated to be free from claims. In short, none of this inspires confidence. Yet millions of syringes have been ordered (blind). Strange in this regard is that the biggest advocates of mass vaccinations have become multimillionaires by selling pharma stocks at mega profits over the years.

Thanks to the hysterical focus on Covid-19, many patients with other ailments or conditions have been done much (medical) injustice. Many ended up on long waiting lists or were not helped at all. In a large number of (chronic) patients, the feeling is aroused that from a medical point of view they do not belong if you do not have corona symptoms. Where doctors previously had difficulty with patients who had already googled their ailment before their visit to the GP or specialist, they are now advised by telephone from an assistant to go to '' for advice.

Many people are impressed by the 'statesman' Rutte, who with his measures has caused many healthy citizens to suffer from a medical but also an emotional point of view, and who has dealt enormous blows to the economy in passing. After a truly fair parliamentary investigation, it could just be that the result will lead to legal prosecution of many virologists and various government officials for atrocities against humanity and economic crimes.

Because Rutte, together with companion De Jonge, are so clever as professional idiots that they also realize that there are many inconsistencies to be distilled from all their drifting decisions. To name a few: the 1,5 meter and mouth masks measures are nowhere scientifically substantiated. The WHO, and here Mr. Van Dissel (RIVM) endorse the latter. The rigid Covid-19 policy is based on PCR testing, which designer / discoverer Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis has indicated is completely unsuitable and unreliable when it comes to viruses.

If we look at the arbitrariness of other measures, it is striking that churches, synagogues and mosques may remain open, planes may be crammed, but open football stadiums must remain empty, while players jump each other after a goal or overall victory. Until recently, no pubic hair was put in the way of sex workers, while children were not allowed to visit their parents and grandparents in a retirement home.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president and ex-chief of science at Pfizer, was adamant about all the measures taken. The former vice president of this pharmaceutical company has indicated that he believes the government measures are disastrous and unnecessary. It is remarkable that even a high-level ex-executive of this multinational company says this!

But also thousands of medically educated people worldwide no longer want to / did not want to cooperate with the inhumane rules from above. The law-abiding MSM has consistently ignored this critical and ever-growing professional group for a long time, or dismissed them as conspiracies. As a result, many people remain ignorant and will soon be injected like slavish lambs with very dubious vaccines.

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