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Pharmaceutical against Fauci about vaccinating children: “A stone around your neck and the sea in you! This is GENOCIDE ”

The elderly don't matter anymore

The elderly and middle-aged people who have been injected no one cares anymore in the world of these psychopaths. 

For us, the elderly are respected people who gave birth to us and who we want to take care of. For them it is waste and ideal test material that plays no further role. They are and were the best and first lab rats. No matter how loud it sounds.

How different it was (for the stage) with corona last year. A virus, apparently formerly the flu, where the average age of death is 83 years.

Then everyone had to feel guilty towards the elderly for asking rational questions or making logical criticisms about “the virus”. Those people were immediately dismissed as without empathy. As people who didn't care about the elderly. Almost all media and politicians contributed to that atmosphere. If you had some criticism then “you were against the elderly”. Childish, but it worked. If we have learned something in one year, it is how childishly easy it is to play a lot.

People with common sense and a lot of love and respect for older people were dismissed as if they had something against older people. And the ones who often understood this best were the older people themselves.

But the governments themselves have done everything except helping the elderly, especially in the past year.

No more elderly people died of a virus last year, but they were locked up by the millions, separated and forcibly left to wither. For nothing.

Children are obliged to vaccinate

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden's chief medical adviser, says he expects COVID-19 vaccinations to be available to younger children in the coming months.

He said on Wednesday that children who are at least 4 years old "Likely to be vaccinated by the end of the 2021 calendar year and no later than the first quarter of 2022."

When during a virtual event of Axios Asked if he would recommend the injections for young children, he replied: "Absolutely. If I had grandchildren, I would definitely recommend getting vaccinated. ”

Fauci thinks that by the end of this summer all children can be injected. Obligated!

States like Texas and Florida, which pretend to be against these mandatory vaccines (injections), must fight to stop mandatory vaccinations. And whether they will succeed is still the question. (source)

dr. Fauci

“Look at me and tell me! This is genocide !! ”

Now they come for your children. It is going them to your children. That is where those “perfected” injections have to go. They are the next generation in their new normal. No injections in children and the plan is (for them) pointless and falls to pieces.

Fauci, without blushing about injecting children:

“You go from kids 12 to 9. Looking good? Then from 9 to 6. That looks good? Then you go from 6 to 2. ”

Let's see in a few weeks whether too many children die completely unnecessarily and we keep going one step further until we reach 0 children. Not after years of research. No, in a few weeks to months.

Let us forget that the experiment has already caused more victims than all vaccines worldwide combined in the past 15 years. With street length! And we've only just started and don't even know half of the actual numbers. (source)

An invited expert from the pharmaceutical industry with 25 years of experience in vaccine research and development was invited to respond and did so at the Axios event. And how.

“I am today to tell you that it is inappropriate to experiment on children. Since when do you think mothers and fathers agree with this? "

"We are here today because you are experimenting on children ... CHILDREN !!!" 

"Better to hang a MILLSTONE around your NECK and throw yourself INTO THE SEA until you sink to the bottom, then just one ... ONE CHILD do this."

She continues:

“Children don't get sick from this virus. What are your intentions? I am a researcher. THEY DO NOT GET SICK! ”

The woman can hardly hold back but says nothing too much: "How dare you? Look at me and tell me! This is genocide !! ”

Do not touch mothers who smell danger to their children. We suspect that this researcher is also a mother.

Have a look:


No matter how advanced all plans are, we will keep fighting and resisting. Anytime, anywhere and any time of the day that we can.

And the fact that they come for our children can sometimes contribute to our salvation, because also mothers with name and fame usually choose their children above all else. Also above their own career. Nothing to the detriment of any loving father who reads this and would do the same for his child or have had a slightly different experience with a woman in this area. These kinds of statements are always “general”. But a real wife and mother and the love for her child is something magical.


Dead and badly injured by the covid 'vaccines'

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