Pieter Stuurman at Weltschmerz:

Fiona Zwart talks with Pieter Stuurman about the impact of current events on people's individual mental well-being, choices and relationships. Current measures are causing breaks in relationships, friendships and families. What does this do to people and our society? This is a really interesting video for both sides in this polarized society that has emerged from this corona crisis. Pieter Stuurman speaks clearly about the situation in the Netherlands at the moment. A must for everyone to listen to and to share with the people in your area.
Follow Pieter Stuurman: Follow Fiona on: Linkedin: Instagram: @fiona_zwart Twitter: @fionazwart This video was produced by Café Weltschmerz. Café Weltschmerz believes in the power of conversation and broadcasts interviews on current social themes. Weltschmerz offers a high-quality alternative to the mainstream media. Café Weltschmerz is independent and not affiliated with political, religious or commercial parties. Do you rate their videos? You can support Weltschmerz via:  

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