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Pieter Omtzigt (CDA): "Something is BASICALLY wrong in this country!"

"Something is fundamentally wrong in this country"

“I did research in Malta, as you know.”, says Pieter Omtzigt.

"I came across a state there that was not functioning."

“For a long time I thought it was impossible to make a comparison between Malta and the Netherlands,” says Omtzigt.

“But something else doesn't work for us. And that is power and counter power. ”

It is clear that Pieter Omtzigt is not sleeping and sees very well that something is wrong. I doubt whether he also knows what is going on behind the scenes.

He comes across as a very honest man with a sense of duty. And that's what it's all about (or should be) although you don't always agree with everyone.

“There is such a close relationship here between the cabinet and the House of Representatives that when you ask difficult questions jij have problems with the cabinet.

The close bond between the cabinet and the press

"There is such a close bond between the cabinet and the press!"

This is nothing new to most here. Yet this was also a conspiracy theory not so long ago. And actually still. There is still a lot of work to do to get the sheep on dry land.

“Something is fundamentally wrong in this country! Fundamental in the checks and bounces. ”

"And it continues .. The judge does not protect. The interest groups that all eat from the Staatsruif! All of them! And we call them interest groups. But do you know what is happening? They sometimes say something, but you never see them say loudly: “And now it's over!”.

Pieter Omtzigt continues and mentions politics: "The cabal in The Hague."

Pieter is awake. Wide awake. If he hasn't punctured the corona story by now, it won't be that long. Everything falls together. And that is our strength!

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